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Madison, Wis. — The December 2016 sire summary delivers exciting new Jetstream Genetics data. Performance-Proven Sires from Jetstream surged with higher reliability backed by fantastic milking daughters. New Jetset Priority Genomic Sires joined the lineup. Custom Cut Type Sires are creating excitement for showring opportunities. Reprojet sires lift the fertility of the Jetstream genetic package.The December genetic release resulted in the following feature sires:• 534HO00049 MONTANA (Montross x…
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Welcome to “GenoSource Feliz Navidad” sale!

We are very excited to share with you a very exciting and diverse group of females that we have decided to make available to the public. Terms/Conditions of GenoSource Feliz Navidad · All animals will be individually priced. Prices are shown on the excel sheet. · All Animals are sold on a first come first serve basis. · All lower offers submitted will be considered. · All animals are buyer satisfaction guaranteed. · Sale runs through December 20th. Sale Staff/Contacts · Mark Butz-…

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Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale Now Open for BiddingThe Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale is now open for bidding. Twenty fantastic top lots sell direct from the herds of Holstein Plaza members. We have combined the best of the best in elite genomics heifers, red, polled, choices and a few flush cows! Don’t miss the opportunity to own the #1 GTPI Red cow in the breed or a GTPI+2746 Jedi with more than 2000 lbs milk, DPR+3.6 and nearly 3 points on type! Also selling several elite type…
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Alltech’s ForPlus and All-G Rich will provide Canadian pig, dairy and layer producers with a sustainable and competitive advantage to enrich pork, milk and eggs with DHA 

Canadian consumers will benefit from DHA-enriched pork, milk and eggs in their diet 

As the first registered algae products in Canada to be heterotrophically grown, ForPlus and All-G Rich will provide a sustainable alternative…

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HolsteinWorld MOOTUBE Live Stream
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HolsteinWorld MOOTUBE Live Stream
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