Ad Specifications
Please include .25” bleed on all ads.

Full Page
8.125" x 10.875"
8.625" x 11.375" w/bleed

Live Area
7.125" x 9.75"

2 Page Spread
16.25” x 10.875”
16.75” x 11.375” w/bleed

2/3 Page
4.7083” x 9.75”
7.125” x 6.4167”

1/2 Page
7.125” x 4.8125”
4.7083” x 7.3333”

1/2 Page Spread
16.25” x 5.3113”

1/3 Page
4.7083” x 4.8125”
2.2917” x 9.75”
7.125” x 3.1667”

1/4 Page
3.5035” x 4.8125”
4.7083” x 3.5”

1/6 Page
2.2917” x 4.8125”
4.7083” x 2.333”

1/9 Page
2.2917” x 3.15”

Business Card
3.5104” x 1.85”

Column Width

Publication Date:

Holstein World1st of each month
Western DairyBusiness1st of each month
Eastern DairyBusiness15th of each month


  • Advertising is invoiced upon publication and the net amount is due in full within 30 days. Cash discounts of 2% per month are available for advance payment. Finance charge of 2% per month added for accounts overdue after 30 days.
  • 15% agency discount allowed when advertiser supplies complete digital files before materials deadline.

Closing Date:1st of each month preceding publication date. No cancellations allowed after closing date. Materials are due the 5th of each month.

Inserts: Inserts are accepted on a price quote basis.
Format: Printed Web Offset and Saddle Stitched
Trim Size: 8.125 x 10.875 inches

Preferred Supplied Materials:

  • Electronic Files: We accept electronic (desktop published) files on MAC formatted CD or DVD, only. Electronic files must be High Resolution PDFs or include all fonts and support documents along with finished ad files.
  • Software formats: MAC based Adobe InDesign™ and Adobe PhotoShop™. If your software differs from above, please contact our production department at 800-334-1904. ext. 222
  • Line art must be 800dpi .TIF formats.
  • Four color and grayscale files must be 300dpi .TIF formats.
    Color images must be CMYK format.

PDF Files Settings: Resolution 2400dpi, Color Bitmap images 300dpi, Grayscale Bitmap Images 300dpi, Monochrome Bitmap images 1200dpi. Compression: CCITT Group 4, Compress Test and line art. Format: Postscript Job, Binary, Level 2 only,
Font inclusion: All. Page Size: 8.12 x 10.87 allow .25” bleed.
All color files should be CMYK. Please do not include bleed marks, registration marks, color bars or page information. Crop marks only.

Forwarding Electronic Files: Electronic files forwarded to any other publication will be subject to a $40.00 charge. Drop-in/corrections are subject to a $150.00 charge.

Send production materials to:
Production Department
DairyBusiness Communications
6437 Collamer Road, East Syracuse, NY 13057-1031
(800) 334.1904 ext. 222 • (315) 703.7988 fax
Please indicate the publication name, issue date, and advertiser.
Large files can be uploaded to our FTP site at: