DairyLine is heard in the top dairy producing regions of the United States.

The DairyLine broadcast is 9 ½-minutes in length, but has a cutaway at the five minute mark. All of our affiliates carry the first five minutes, and about 25 stations clear the entire 9 ½ minute program. Approximately 20 stations carry our Saturday recap program.

Radio Inventory available includes 30-second & 60-second advertisements, Program Sponsorships and New Product Watch Interviews.

DairyLine host Bill Baker has over 30 years experience in the radio industry and originates the program from studios in Bend, Oregon.

“DairyLine Rewind Saturday” is hosted by Greg Mills who broadcasts the weekly program from Spokane, Washington.
DairyLine provides the top dairy experts and industry professionals “on the air” on a regular basis. Whatever is happening in the dairy industry, you’ll hear it on DairyLine, and also read about it at www.dairyline.com

dairyline.com continues to see an increase in traffic every year since the website was launched over ten years ago.

Currently with nearly 12,000 unique visitors per month, dairyline.com updates the dairy industry with the latest news and market prices several times per day and the radio program is posted daily.

DairyLine Radio is an integral part of DairyBusiness Communications based in Syracuse, New York.

DairyBusiness Communications provides Western and Eastern DairyBusiness Magazines, Dairy Profit Weekly, Moo Tube and other dairy services.

For more information about DairyLine Radio contact:
Bill Baker

  Spot Length
  30 sec. 60 sec
1x a week 275 550
2x a week 250 500
3x a week 230 460
4x a week 210 420
5x a week 200 400
Pricing is per Spot.

Other Current Sponsorship Opportunities:

   Open and close billboards adjacent to:

  • Tuesday’s Market Analysis (rotating analysts)
  • Dairy Profit Weekly Report – (Dave Natzke)
  • Udder Health Talk – (Alan Britten)

Estimated Listening Audience:

We do not have a ratings survey in many of our rural markets.
Through farm market id counts that we cover the top dairy producing regions in the country.

Affiliates: 70 Radio Stations
States: 30
Counties: 700
Dairy Producers: 35,132
Dairy Cows: 5,743,171


DairyLine.com is visited by thousands of dairy producers every month

Average Monthly 2011 Internet Statistics for www.dairyline.com:

Unique Visitors: 75,825
Average/Month: 12,637
Home Page Views: 441,493
Average/Month: 73,582
Total Page Views: 962,858
Average/Month: 160,476