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Total Visits 199,386
Visits/Day 6,610
Average Pages Per Visit 2.84
Average Session Length 05:31
Total Visits 77,759
Visits/Day 2,574
Average Pages Per Visit 4.98
Average Session Length 05:42
Total Visits 36,324
Visits/Day 1,199
Average Pages Per Visit 2.91
Average Session Length 07:42
Total Visits 74,823
Visits/Day 2,481
Average Pages Per Visit 2.47
Average Session Length 05:37
January-June 2011 website statistics.
Total Visits 14,479
Visits/Day 482
Average Pages Per Visit 86.5
Average Session Length 01:48
Website launched June 2011.

Your message placed on our web pages can result in more impressions and more leads for your products, services and time-sensitive promotions. Our websites are packed with news, features, audio and video, attracting the same high-quality
audience as your print advertising.

Leaderboard 728 x 90
$.04/impression ($40 CPM) - $308/week | Three ads in rotation appearing on all DairyBusiness sites
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250
$.035/impression ($35 CPM) - $270/week | Three ads in rotation appearing on all DairyBusiness sites
3:1 Rectangle 300 x 100
$.03/impression ($30 CPM) - $170/week | Three ads spaces available appearing on
Skyscraper 150 x 250
$.017/impression ($17 CPM) - $300/week | Three ads spaces available appearing on
Expanding 160 x 60 > 355 x 200
$.017/impression ($17 CPM) - $300/week | Unlimited spaces available appearing on
DairyEdge e-Newsletter sponsorship 600 x 75
$500/month | Two spaces available appearing on the monthly e-newsletter

Impressions per week based on 2010 averages. Our web traffic is growing and the number of impressions will vary during any specific time period. A specific number of impressions per week can not be guaranteed. Advertising can be purchased on the desired level of impressions

* DairyBusiness offers a wide range of custom designed and hosted websites, site links, video
production, microsites, and much more. Contact your account manager for more information.