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Kuhn trailed disc mower

The new GMD 3150 TL

Kuhn’s new GMD 3150 TL trailed disc mower cuts more acres per hour and offers simple adjustments, low maintenance, and dependable grass and forage harvesting. It has a working width of 10′ 2″ and can cut at speeds as high as 10 miles per hour for maximum efficiency. This model is an addition to the series that was introduced last year with the GMD 3550 TL and GMD 4050 TL, that have working widths of 11′ 6″ and 13′ respectively.

The GMD 3150 TL provides easy hook-and-go attachment that gets producers in the field faster. It also has superior flotation, unlike caddy models, and is more maneuverable than the competition at every turn. The new, rugged Optidisc® cutterbar, with differential disc spacing, ensures a clean cut, even in challenging conditions. This cutterbar is also “lubed for life”, decreasing overall maintenance requirements. The Protectadrive® cutterbar provides unsurpassed reliability and improved suspension with greater adjustability. The GMD 3150 TL trailed design lowers the tractor ballast requirement, allowing use with smaller tractors, while maintaining excellent stability both at work and in transport.

Kuhn North America, Inc., of Brodhead, Wis., manufactures agricultural and industrial equipment, specializing in spreaders, mixers, hay tools, and tillage tools. Kuhn- and Kuhn Knight-brand products are sold by farm equipment dealers throughout the United States, Canada, and many other countries. For more information, visit


Bobcat adds to line

Bobcat Company has updated its line with the introduction of the A770, S750 and T750 models.

The new Bobcat® A770  offers both all-wheel steer and skid-steer drive options by simply pressing a switch. It  replaces the A300 model, and was designed to meet the needs of users who require the low ground disturbance, reduced tire wear and faster travel speed of a small wheel loader, but also the maneuverability and versatility of a skid-steer. That makes the A770 the ideal machine for landscapers, retaining wall installers, paving crews and general contractors, as well as industrial users who face multiple operating conditions on a daily basis.

Bobcat A770

Bobcat A770 all-wheel steer loader

  • Rated operating capacity: 3325 lb.
  • Operating weight: 9460 lb.
  • Vertical lift path
  • Engine: Tier 3, 92 hp
  • Height: 81.3 in.
  • Width with bucket: 74 in.
  • Length with bucket: 141.6 in.
  • Height to hinge pin: 132 in.
  • Maximum travel speed: 7.1 mph – single speed; 12.3 mph – two speed
  • Tipping load: 6650 lb.
  • Hydraulic flow: standard flow – 23.0 gallons per minute; optional high flow  – 36.5 gallons per minute
  • Standard joystick controls


The S750 and T750 skid-steer loaders joins the Bobcat M-Series loader line, which includes the S630, S650, S770 and S850 skid-steer loaders, and the T630, T650, T750, T770 and T870 compact track loaders.

Bobcat S750

Bobcat S750 skid-steer loader

  • Rated operating capacity: 3200 lb.
  • Operating weight: 8730 lb.
  • Vertical lift path
  • Engine: Tier 3, 85 horsepower
  • Height: 81.3 in.
  • Width with bucket: 74 in.
  • Length with bucket: 141.6 in.
  • Height to hinge pin: 132 in.
  • Maximum travel speed: 7.1 miles per hour – single speed; 12.3 miles per hour – two speed option
  • Tipping load: 6400 lb.
  • Hydraulic flow: standard flow – 23.0 gpm; optional high flow – 36.5 gpm
  • Roller Suspension™ system
  • Selectable Joystick Controls and high-flow hydraulics optional

Bobcat T750

Bobcat T750 compact track loader

  • Rated operating capacity: 3325 lb.
  • Operating weight: 10327 lb.
  • Vertical lift path
  • Engine: Tier 3, 85 horsepower
  • Height: 81.3 inches
  • Width with bucket: 80 inches
  • Length with bucket: 141.6 inches
  • Height to hinge pin: 132 inches
  • Maximum travel speed: 6.6 miles per hour – single speed; 10.7 miles per hour – two speed option
  • Tipping load: 9500 lb.
  • Hydraulic flow: standard flow – 23.0 gallons per minute; high flow option – 36.5 gallons per minute
  • Roller Suspension™ system option
  • Options include: Selectable Joystick Controls and high-flow hydraulics

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Pioneer Hi-Bred adds inoculant product

Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, announced its launch of Pioneer® brand 11AFT inoculant, the third product in the revolutionary Pioneer fiber technology platform. This product improves the digestibility of fiber and offers a more consistent, stable silage.
“Alfalfa-specific 11AFT helps deliver a unique high-quality haylage to dairy producers,” says Kyle Whitaker, Pioneer marketing manager for forage additives. “11AFT increases fiber digestibility and improves forage energy density, producing an overall higher-quality, higher-value haylage in the ration.”

Pioneer launched the fiber technology platform in 2008 with 11CFT, a corn silage inoculant and 11GFT, a grass and cereal fiber inoculant, the following year.

“The fiber technology inoculants stimulate frontend fermentation by rapidly dropping silage pH while retaining valuable nutrients,” Whitaker says. “Because of the increased aerobic stability, nutrients are conserved on the backend during feedout. This is accomplished by reducing shrink and improving bunklife of the silage face during feedout.”

Through testing, 11AFT showed no silage heating and no reduction in feed intake.

“The most exciting result of Pioneer’s on-farm studies was the feed cost savings due to increased nutritional value of the forages – around 4.7 cents per cow per day,” Whitaker says. “11AFT will be available for the 2011 alfalfa growing season.”

The alfalfa fiber technology enhances Pioneer’s already extensive lineup of crop-specific inoculants, such as 11CFT, 11C33 for corn silage, 11GFT for grass and cereal grains, and 11B91 for high-moisture corn or earlage. 11AFT, when paired with Pioneer’s elite lineup of alfalfa varieties such as 55V48, 55Q32 and 54V09, makes for a high-performing combination for dairy producers.

To learn more about Pioneer inoculants, contact your local Pioneer dairy specialist or livestock information manager or click on the products tab at


ANIMART launches new Dairysan® line

ANIMART, Inc. announced the recent addition of their Dairysan® product line.

ANIMART, Inc. announces the recent addition of their Dairysan® product line. Now available, the first phase of the line will include six essential products: Pasteurizer Cleaner™, Seal Off™, Laundry PWD-S™, Laundry LIQ-S™, Foaming Acid Cleaner™, and Foaming ALK Detergent™.

Dairysan® Pasteurizer Cleaner™ is made with high alkalinity for better performance cleaning. Active ingredients break down fats and proteins and can be used in all food processing plants where heavy organic deposits are a problem. Applying it to your pasteurizer cleaning practices can assist you with proper sanitation in your calf feeding program.

ANIMART also welcomes the addition of Seal Off™ to its Dairysan® line. Used as a CIP detergent booster in a milk system wash cycle, Seal Off™ removes the remains of Orbeseal® and other internal teat sealants from milk transfer equipment such as milk units, receiver jars, and pipelines.

The addition of powder and liquid laundry soap is also a part of the Dairysan® product launch. Laundry PWD-S™ and Laundry LIQ-S™ serve as perfect solutions for cleaning and sanitizing wash cloths used during milking. Both detergents are made with safe bleach that can be utilized in the cleaning of micro fiber towels. Laundry PWD-S™ is available in 100 and 400 pound drums while the Laundry LIQ-S™ is available in 15 and 55 gallon drums. The liquid laundry soap can be administered thru a dispensing system to control inventory and ensure proper usage.

Foaming Acid Cleaner™ and Foaming ALK Detergent™, used in the exterior cleaning of milk equipment, contain a unique blend of wetting agents and detergents and are both formulated to remove stains, deodorize, and efficiently clean equipment, wall, and floor surfaces. Foaming Acid Cleaner™ is manufactured in purple and Foaming ALK Detergent™ in yellow for easier identification on the farm. Both Foaming Acid Cleaner™ and ALK Detergent™ are available in 15 and 55 gallon sizes.

For more information on the Dairysan® product line please contact your ANIMART territory manager or call 800.255.1181.


Dynamint® Udder Treatment in Jumbo Pack

The Coburn Co., Inc. announces that Dynamint Udder Treatment is now available in a large 4-liter pack with a squeeze dispenser.

The Coburn Co., Inc. announces that Dynamint Udder Treatment is now available in a large 4-liter pack with a squeeze dispenser. Handy for large volume operations where Dynamint is used frequently for preventive udder health, Jumbo Pack is available in either original white or blue.  Blue Dynamint contains a temporary coloring agent for identifying treated cows.

The highly effective herbal formulation quickly delivers the healing and anti-bacterial properties of essential oils through the skin and into the soft tissue.  Dynamint contains peppermint oil to stimulate the skin for faster healing.  Eucalyptus and calendula oil condition skin and tea tree oil adds anti-bacterial properties.  The fine, light non-greasy cream spreads easily and, as the water evaporates, the essential oils penetrate the skin and go to work to help prevent udder edema, mastitis and infection.  With daily Dynamint use, many dairymen report fewer and milder cases of mastitis thus reducing the need for antibiotics.  Contact for more information.


Pioneer Hi-Bred releases 108 new corn products for 2011

Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, is releasing 108 new Pioneer® brand corn hybrids and integrated refuge products for growers across North America for the 2011 planting season.

The 2011 corn lineup from Pioneer features three industry-leading releases:

  • The first class of Optimum® AcreMaxTM 1 (AM1) insect protection includes 38 new AM1 products, which offers an in-the-bag, integrated and reduced refuge solution for corn rootworm (CRW) and allows growers the flexibility to plant the required corn borer refuge up to one-half mile away.
  • The first class of Optimum® AcreMaxTM RW (AMRW) insect protection includes 13 new AMRW products, which offers growers the opportunity to utilize integrated CRW technology on all their acres when used as a refuge for corn borer.
  • The first class of Optimum® AQUAmaxTM includes five new families and eight new hybrids to help growers minimize risk and maximize productivity under drought stress conditions.

For more information about these new hybrids and technologies, visit or contact a local Pioneer sales professional.

Massey Ferguson® MF1526 Compact Tractor

For more information about the MF1526 and the complete line of Massey Ferguson compact tractors, visit your local Massey Ferguson dealer or

Massey Ferguson® introduced the MF1526 compact tractor with 25 engine horsepower, a three-range hydrostatic transmission and improved ergonomics, the latest addition to the ever-popular Massey Ferguson 1500 Series compact tractor line.

The MF1526  is powered by a Tier 4 interim-emission-compliant Iseki three-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine. An electro-hydraulic independent rear PTO engages smoothly and allows you to separately manage PTO speed and ground speed for optimum results when mowing or completing other projects. For added versatility, a mid-mount PTO is a convenient option on this model. Attaching and operating implements such as a tiller, rotary cutter or finish mower is simple work with the category I three-point hitch on this tractor.

A handy three-range hydrostatic transmission with separate forward and reverse right-side foot pedals makes forward and reverse operation second nature and more comfortable for the operator, plus delivers precise control of ground speeds. The low range ensures optimum torque for more power to the ground when muscle is needed, and the high range keeps you moving swiftly for mowing, raking or just getting from place to place. Cruise control is another standard feature, which makes this tractor easy to operate.

A full line of handy and useful attachments, from loaders and mowers to brooms and blades, designed specifically for the 1500 Series tractors are available to meet your every need.

For more information about the MF1526 and the complete line of Massey Ferguson compact tractors, visit your local Massey Ferguson dealer or

Massey Ferguson® 5450 “Ultimate” loader tractor

For more information about the Massey Ferguson 5400 Series, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer or visit

Massey Ferguson® introduced the MF5450 mid-range tractor featuring the exclusive Hi-Visibility™ Hood design, which allows the operator to see the front of the loader bucket for better control and more accurate results.

The slope of the Hi-Visibility Hood is redesigned to be significantly lower at the front to give operators exceptional sight lines and eliminate blind spots.

The 75-PTO horsepower MF5450 features a left-hand power control lever, mounted to the steering column, allowing for simple directional changes. The lever provides convenient, operator-controlled forward/reverse shuttling, powershift changes and fingertip declutching, and leaves the operator’s right hand free to operate other controls, such as a loader joystick.

The MF5450 also allows the operator to tailor the responsiveness of the forward and reverse shuttle using a simple rotary dial on the console. More aggressive settings offer maximum productivity for heavy loader work, while less aggressive settings provide quick, smooth direction changes.

Underneath the hood of these innovative machines is a Tier III emissions-compliant Perkins® 1104D 44TA turbo-charged engine.

A standard Dyna-4™ transmission — available with a supercreeper option — allows for fast and easy shifting, and offers a wide range of speeds to handle a variety of daily chores.

For more information about the Massey Ferguson 5400 Series, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer or visit

Express® vaccine expands reproductive protection

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. introduces a vaccine that steps beyond conventional reproductive protection. Express® FP 5-VL5 currently provides one of the most complete modified-live virus/bacterin vaccine combinations on the market, and now it offers protection against Leptospira hardjo-bovis.

Leptospira hardjo-bovis is associated with early embryonic deaths, poor conception rates, weak calves as well as other reproductive losses in cattle. Express FP 5-VL5 offers five-way viral protection and protection against Lepto hardjo-bovis in just one syringe. Lepto hardjo-bovis (Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar hardjo type hardjo-bovis) is the only hardjo that is isolated in the United States; all cattle herds are at risk for infection from it. In a recent study, challenged heifers vaccinated with Express FP 5-VL5 were 100 percent protected against urinary shedding of Lepto hardjo-bovis, while urine culture tests for all heifers in the control group were positive.1

This new product also includes antigens for bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) and parainfluenza-3 (PI3), as well as new label claims for prevention of urinary shedding of Lepto hardjo-bovis and aids in the prevention of key respiratory viruses. The expanded respiratory label adds to the reproductive protection in beef and dairy cattle that Express FP products have long been known for.

The Express FP line of vaccines for breeding animals offers producers the original written guarantee that no calf persistently infected with BVD will be born from a properly vaccinated cow. It is reproductive and respiratory protection that producers can count on every time.

Read and follow all product label directions. For more information on Express FP, contact your veterinarian or Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. representative.

For more information, please visit:

1Protection for Lepto borgpetersenii serovar hardjo using Express FP. BIVI TB10-138.

Express is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. ©2011 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Alpharma Bovatec® delivery system for pasture cattle

Bovatec® 2.2, the new 44-pound block, contains 2.2 grams/lb. of Bovatec (lasalocid).

Alpharma Animal Health introduced a convenient way to provide ionophore supplementation to pasture cattle.  Called Bovatec® 2.2, the new 44-pound block contains 2.2 grams/lb. of Bovatec (lasalocid). In replacement dairy heifers developed on pasture, supplementation with an ionophore can increase growth rates, allowing heifers to cycle, calve and reach full reproductive potential earlier.

Bovatec can increase daily gains of pasture-fed cattle by as much as 0.12 to 0.18 lbs per head per day, allowing replacement heifers to cycle, calve and reach full reproductive potential earlier. The new Bovatec 2.2 block is recommended to be placed near watering or resting areas for best intake.

For assistance locating a local Bovatec 2.2 supplier, contact Alpharma at (800) 834-6470 or