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Massey Ferguson: Model 1363 10-foot Side Pull Disc Mower Conditioner

The all-new Hesston® 1363 10-foot side pull disc mower conditioner by Massey Ferguson® provides dairy and beef producers cutting and conditioning innovations designed for making high-quality hay. Featuring heavy-duty RazorBar™ technology, steel-on-steel conditioner rollers and a strong overhead frame, the machine easily cuts through thick, heavy hay while conditioning it to deliver optimum quality.
The Hesston 1363 features the the new RazorBar™ cutterbar, with a cast iron spur gear design and a thinner cutter profile.
Steel-on-steel conditioner rolls crack the plant stem every 2–3 inches, breaking the stem open to release moisture and reduce drying time, while preserving leaf quality for hay with optimum nutrient content. A herringbone tread pattern on the rolls feeds the crop evenly on both sides for even windrow formation. For producers who need crushing conditioner action, rubber-on-rubber rolls are available. Their shallow lug design minimizes leaf damage.
The Hesston 1363 provides superior header lift of up to 20 inches over headland windrows.
For more information about the Hesston 1363 disc mower conditioner, visit your local Massey Ferguson or Hesston dealer or visit

Worksaver Euro to skid steer adapter

Worksaver’s Euro to skid steer adapter

Worksaver, Inc. introduced a new interfacing adapter designed to allow the use of skid steer type attachments on loaders equipped with the Euro style quick attach system.  This Euro to skid steer adapter offers the user a wider choice of attachments that can be easily switched between a skid steer loader and tractor loader.  All welded design features plated handles, springs and lock pins, providing long service life of the unit.  For more information, contact Worksaver, Inc., P.O. Box 100, Litchfield, IL 62056-0100; phone: 217-324-5973, fax: 217-234-3356; website:; e-mail:

Allflex A-Tag™

Allflex USA introduced the one-piece, self-piercing A-Tag™

Allflex USA introduced the one-piece, self-piercing A-Tag™ in three convenient sizes for beef and dairy operations – calf, cow and feedlot.

The tag comes with a self-piercing, pinhole tip designed for reduced animal stress and faster healing. A longer tag anchor means higher retention in thick-eared animals. Tag application is quick and easy with the yellow Allflex A-Tag Applicator featuring a flip-pin design.

Cow and calf A-Tag sizes, available in nine colors, are packaged blank in bags of 25 and 100. Numbered tags are available in bags of 25 tags. Feedlot A-Tags, available in 20 colors, are packaged in bags of 50. Custom marking and numbering for all sizes using Allflex’s patented laser-ink permanent marking is available by special order.

The new A-Tag is available through traditional animal health distribution. For more information, contact your local distributor representative or call Allflex, phone: 800-989-8247.

Elanco launches milk strip test in U.S.

Elanco’s Keto-Test® is a color-changing test strip for milk that indicates the presence of ketones in the milk of dairy cows. It is now available in the U.S.

Elanco, a division of Eli Lilly and Company, announced the addition of Keto-Test® to its current portfolio of productivity products for dairy producers.  Keto-Test is a color-changing test strip for milk that indicates the presence of ketones in the milk of dairy cows. Though commercially available in other countries, this will be the first U.S. introduction of the product.

Keto-Test is designed to provide dairy producers an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative for ketosis-screening to help determine if further investigation is warranted.  Keto-Test can be used as a simple alternative on any cow that would be considered for a urine ketosis test.

An estimated 15% of cows in U.S. dairy herds have elevated ketones during the first 60 days of lactation when they are at highest risk due to increasing metabolic demands brought on by lactation1.  Elevated ketone levels have been associated with increased incidence of displaced abomasums, lost milk production, impaired reproductive performance, and an increased risk for early culling. Ketosis frequently goes undetected and is commonly referred to as subclinical ketosis.

Keto-test is a simple, quick, non-invasive test that requires no special equipment or training and can be easily performed in the parlor when cows are handled for milking.

Contact your local Elanco sales representative for more information, or visit

1Oetzel GR. 2004. Monitoring and testing dairy herds for metabolic disease. Vet. Clin. North Amer: Food Animal Practice. 20:651-674.

DeLaval launches the new generation swinging cow brush

DeLaval’s latest version of their swinging cow brush SCB

DeLaval introduced the latest version of their swinging cow brush SCB. The upgraded release improves grooming angles with two separated pivot points, includes a unique safety mechanism for better cow and user safety, and reduced energy consumption. DeLaval product availability varies by country.  Contact your local DeLaval organization for availability in your area.

Kubota Introduces L-Series Standard compact tractors

Kubota Tractor Corp. added power and features to its Standard L-Series with the introduction of the L3200 and L3800.

Kubota Tractor Corp. added power and features to its Standard L-Series with the introduction of the L3200 and L3800. Available in two-and-four wheel drive models, the L3200 and the L3800 deliver 31.9 and 37.4 gross horsepower, respectively. Both models come equipped with either a gear-drive or three-range HST hydrostatic transmission and a 10-gallon fuel tank.

Kubota’s new LA524 quick attach/detach front loader and BH77 backhoe are performance-matched with the L-Series tractors. Other implements compatible with the L3200 and L3800 include rotary tillers and rear snow blowers.

The L3200 and L3800 also come equipped with a new dash panel featuring easily visible large gauges, optional cruise control, a convenient cup holder and a handy toolbox located behind the driver’s seat for easy access.

For product literature or dealer locations, contact Kubota Tractor Corporation at 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503, (888) 4-KUBOTA [(888) 458-2682], Ext. 900, or visit

AgriSolutions releases AgManager® software upgrade

AgriSolutions®, developer of AgManager® accounting software, released updates and a new, easy-to-use interface. New AgManager® features boost user-friendliness as farm accountants input transactions, monitor financial position and create reports. The software has a new menu structure that improves user navigation and adds “tool tips” which make it easier for new users to understand the menu options. There also are updated icons, a new calendar for easy date selection, and a new calculator that quickly updates amount fields and includes an electronic “tape.” To learn more about AgManager® and AgriSolutions financial management services, visit, or call (877) 372-3003.

Onset moisture sensor

Onset’s new 10HS Soil Moisture Smart Sensor.

Onset Computer Corp. expanded its line of research-grade soil monitoring solutions with the new 10HS Soil Moisture Smart Sensor. The 10HS sensor measures soil moisture over a large volume of soil to provide a more accurate picture of average soil moisture in a given area. Its plug-and-play design reduces deployment time, saving users time and money. Users can simply plug the sensor into an Onset HOBO® U30 or H21 Weather Station and begin monitoring without having to spend time wiring or programming. Visit Onset at

First JCB ‘New Generation’ skid steers and track loaders

JCB’s seven new skid steers include four wheeled and three tracked models.

JCB launched a new line of skid steer loaders and compact track loaders. The line includes seven new skid steers – four wheeled and three tracked. All are vertical lift, allowing for increased capacity and more reach at maximum lift height. The models have a rated operating capacities (ROC) of 2,600 lbs. and above, and include:

The new generation machines benefit from a number of new features, including: a tilting cab with increased service access; multifunction joysticks; a hydraulic quick hitch; isolated cab that is sealed and pressurized with reduced noise levels; heated air-suspension seat with adjustable armrests; O-ring face seals for all hydraulic connections; and a new range of more than 30 types of JCB attachments. For more information, visit or phone: 912-447-2000.

Jaylor mini-mixer models

Jaylor introduced a new mini-mixer series in self-propelled, trailer, small flat bed truck mount and stationary models. Powered by an industrial Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine, the mixer is designed to process small hay bales, forages and other ingredients, then cut and mix a consistent TMR. The self-propelled model has an all-wheel-drive, hydrostatic drive system for easy maneuverability in tight alley ways; the self-powered trailer option is easily towed by ATV’s and larger garden tractors. The mixer is available in 50-cubic-feet capacity, with a 100-cubic-foot model available in 2011. For more information, phone 800-809-8224 or e-mail