Describe lead milker’s job clearly

The lead milker has an important role on your dairy. A clear job description will help him or her take a proactive role in monitoring the performance and output of your milking parlor. David Reid and Mark Walker of BouMatic suggest the following:

1. Check bleed holes for manure plugs.

2. Check short air tubes for cracks/holes.

3. Check liner milk tubes for cracks/holes.

4. Check all liners for proper alignment.

5. Set up milking parlor.

6. Distribute milking parlor supplies.

7. Mark start and stop times for each pen when no meters are installed.

8. Properly mark treated cows.

9. Properly dispose all treated cows’ milk.

10. If using a basement parlor, conduct a walk-through to ensure all equipment is operating properly.

11. Change milk filters according to the dairy’s protocol.

12. Observe milkers to make sure they are performing the proper milking routine.

13. Communicate issues or repair items to the dairy manager or owner.

14. Check the cooler to make sure it is on and cooling properly.

15. Milk cows in an orderly and consistent manner.

16. After milking, make sure all equipment sanitation procedures are followed.

Source: The Udder Quarter, NMC.