ANIMART launches new Dairysan® line

ANIMART, Inc. announced the recent addition of their Dairysan® product line.

ANIMART, Inc. announces the recent addition of their Dairysan® product line. Now available, the first phase of the line will include six essential products: Pasteurizer Cleaner™, Seal Off™, Laundry PWD-S™, Laundry LIQ-S™, Foaming Acid Cleaner™, and Foaming ALK Detergent™.

Dairysan® Pasteurizer Cleaner™ is made with high alkalinity for better performance cleaning. Active ingredients break down fats and proteins and can be used in all food processing plants where heavy organic deposits are a problem. Applying it to your pasteurizer cleaning practices can assist you with proper sanitation in your calf feeding program.

ANIMART also welcomes the addition of Seal Off™ to its Dairysan® line. Used as a CIP detergent booster in a milk system wash cycle, Seal Off™ removes the remains of Orbeseal® and other internal teat sealants from milk transfer equipment such as milk units, receiver jars, and pipelines.

The addition of powder and liquid laundry soap is also a part of the Dairysan® product launch. Laundry PWD-S™ and Laundry LIQ-S™ serve as perfect solutions for cleaning and sanitizing wash cloths used during milking. Both detergents are made with safe bleach that can be utilized in the cleaning of micro fiber towels. Laundry PWD-S™ is available in 100 and 400 pound drums while the Laundry LIQ-S™ is available in 15 and 55 gallon drums. The liquid laundry soap can be administered thru a dispensing system to control inventory and ensure proper usage.

Foaming Acid Cleaner™ and Foaming ALK Detergent™, used in the exterior cleaning of milk equipment, contain a unique blend of wetting agents and detergents and are both formulated to remove stains, deodorize, and efficiently clean equipment, wall, and floor surfaces. Foaming Acid Cleaner™ is manufactured in purple and Foaming ALK Detergent™ in yellow for easier identification on the farm. Both Foaming Acid Cleaner™ and ALK Detergent™ are available in 15 and 55 gallon sizes.

For more information on the Dairysan® product line please contact your ANIMART territory manager or call 800.255.1181.