February Dairy Products report

USDA’s Dairy Products report estimated February 2011 butter production at 150.1 million lbs., down 9.8% from January 2011, but 6.4% more than February 2010.

Total cheese output was estimated at 807.1 million lbs., down 9% from January, but 4.1% more than a year ago.

Total Italian type cheese, at 352.2 million lbs., was down 9.3% from February, but up 6.6% from a year ago. Mozzarella cheese output totaled 274.2 million lbs., down 11% from January, but  5.8% more than a year earlier.

American type cheese production was estimated at 328.8 million lbs., down 8.5% from January, but 2.6% more than a year ago. Cheddar production totaled 242.9 million lbs., down 11.6% from January and 0.6% less than February 2010.

Nonfat dry milk output, at 109.6 million lbs., was down 6.4% from January 2011 and 6.9% less than a year ago.