Pfizer Animal Health series: Dairying in today’s economy

Low milk prices and high input costs are affecting everyone. The experts at Pfizer Animal Health – who work directly with dairy producers across the country and care about the welfare of the industry – have written a series of articles containing unique insights and describing cost-saving opportunities for dairy producers.

To check out the series, click on the links below.


Part 1

Riding the milk price roller coaster

Examine existing protocols to maximize return on investment

Sidebar: The ‘top 10’ marginal milk quick tips

By John Lee, DVM, Pfizer Animal Health


Part 2

Treat smarter, not harder

Current economic conditions have producers considering how to get the most bang for their buck

Sidebar: If cows aren’t producing up to par, maybe they need a career change

By Mark Kirkpatrick, DVM, Pfizer Animal Health

 Part 3

Remain vigilant when assessing feed and vaccination protocols

In tough economic times don’t do anything that harms production

By Jerry Olson, DVM, MS, Pfizer Animal Health


Part 4

In tough economic times, don’t let mastitis become a leaky furnace

Reviewing your mastitis protocol is important and could save you money, while cutbacks could end up costing you big in the long run

By Kevin Zieser, Quality Milk Manager, Pfizer Animal Health