Forages: What’s New?

Vermeer silage baling

Vermeer’s 404 Pro Baler produces 4×4 round packages weighing 1.900- 2.300 lbs. A Powersplit transmission, with shared-drive gearbox and integrated transversal shafts, divides power equally between the rotor and bale chamber to lower horsepower requirements. Three different cutting knife patterns are available. Visit

Frontier wrappers, carriers

Frontier’s LW1166 Bale Wrapper wraps four- or five-foot round bales up to 66 inches in diameter for silage. Other equipment in the line includes: LW1266 wrapper, which wraps round bales in either four- or five-foot widths up to 72 inches in diameter and square bales up to five-foot six inches in length; and BC1104 (4-5 bales) and BC1108 (6-8 bales) bale carriers. Frontier Equipment is sold exclusively by John Deere dealers. Visit

John Deere harvesters

John Deere introduced its new 7050 Series self-propelled forage harvesters (SPFH), available in six models ranging in size from 375 to 800 hp. The 800-hp 7950 SPFH (pictured above) is available with HarvestLab™ and AutoLoc™ technology. 770 SPFH Corn Head and 600C Series Pickup Heads further complement the lineup. Visit

Hesston round baler

Massey Ferguson introduces the new high-capacity Hesston 2800 Series automated round baler. The 2800 Series round baler creates two baling sizes – Model 2846, 4-by-6-foot bales and Model 2856, 5-by-6-foot bales. Massey Ferguson is offering an early bird program on all 2010 Hesston hay equipment and 0% financing to qualified buyers, through Dec. 31, 2009. Visit

CLAAS rakes

CLAAS introduces the LINER 4000, a 49-ft. 2-in. rotary, center delivery rake. Its folding, simple to use monitor and heavy duty rotors make it a heavy duty rake built for efficiency. The internal rotors run in an oil bath and have three bearing supports for the heavy duty arms. The monitor can lift and lower the rotors in sequence, individually, and set the overlap or windrow width. Visit

AGCO twine, net

AGCO Parts announced the availability of a new AGCO brand high strength baler twine and net wrap designed exclusively for AGCO hay equipment. Virgin plastic resin is treated with a UV inhibitor to protect against light degradation. AGCO Professional Grade baler twine has higher knot strength, and AGCO Advanced™ baler twine is designed specifically for extreme baling conditions. AGCO Professional Grade net wrap provides full side-to-side coverage, while AGCO Advanced™ net wrap delivers extra strength in the middle for baling rough crops, such as corn stalks. Visit

BASF on the Web

BASF Plant Science introduced the “NU” face of NutriDense with an interactive blog and revamped website. The blog will be updated regularly with podcasts, videos and articles from BASF Plant Science executives and NutriDense technical staff. The website features product information and customer video testimonials. Visit the blog at, and the website at

Pioneer: inoculants

Pioneer Hi-Bred unveiled Pioneer® brand 11GFT inoculant, products for grass and cereal silage.11GFT inoculant stimulates “front-end” fermentation efficiency by rapidly dropping silage pH. 11GFT improves fiber digestibility and dry matter intake which facilitates higher silage inclusion rates. The grass and cereal fiber inoculants supplement Pioneer’s11CFT and 11C33 (corn silage,) 11H50 (alfalfa silage) and 11B91 (high-moisture corn or earlage) line-up. Visit