Business News: Idaho carbon credit agreement extended

EcoSecurities, a leading company in the business of sourcing, developing and trading carbon credits from greenhouse gas emission reduction projects around the world, and Intrepid Technology and Resource (ITR), an Idaho-based company specializing in renewable biogas energy and soil amendment and fertilizer projects, announced the extension of an agreement for the sale of carbon credits from methane gas production at two dairies in southern Idaho.
EcoSecurities started working with ITR in the fall of 2007 to purchase emission reductions from the dairy farms.  EcoSecurities will purchase credits from the project for six years after the first verification, scheduled for later this year.
“We are pleased to continue working with ITR on the purchase of emission reductions from the Idaho dairies,” said Ben Conte, U.S. country director, EcoSecurities, “The Whiteside and Westpoint anaerobic digesters represent milestones for voluntary carbon offsets in the U.S. It is proof that with carbon credits, state of the art waste management and renewable energy technologies can find their way into dairy farms in Idaho.”
The Whiteside and Westpoint Dairies have both agreed to change their system of processing manure, which will capture the methane produced as the waste from over 10,000 dairy cows is broken down by microbes in an enclosed anaerobic digester, and thus, will aid in the mitigation of climate change.
At the southern Idaho dairies, the animal waste digesters process manure in 4-5 days whereby most digesters take an average of 25 days to accomplish the same task. The biogas captured by these digesters contains about 65% methane, which is then processed into pipeline quality gas through a scrubbing process and sold to industrial users for process heating and to the local gas utility for commercial and residential use.
IRT  builds anaerobic digesters at local organic waste sites to capture methane, clean the methane to consumer standards, and distribute the clean gas for sale.