Green Meadows Foods & Land O’Lakes Dairy Foods sign milk supply agreement

Green Meadows Foods, LLC and the Dairy Foods-Industrial Division of Land O’Lakes, Inc. have entered into a long-term milk supply agreement, said Sjerp Ysselstein, president of Green Meadows Foods, from the site of
their new manufacturing plant under construction in Hull, Iowa.
“We are excited about our agreement with Land O’Lakes,” said Ysselstein.  This milk will supply our cheese manufacturing capacity set to come online in early November.”
“This agreement affords our dairy cooperative another local outlet for member milk,” said Jim Sleper, director of Milk Supply at Land O’Lakes. “This is a win-win agreement. Green Meadows Foods gains access to a consistent supply of high quality milk, and we gain another market for our dairy members’ milk. This milk supply agreement will primarily affect parts of our current and future milk supply in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.”
Green Meadows Foods, LLC is a new cheese and fractionated whey product
manufacturing facility with a startup capacity to process 2.5 million pounds of milk per day, which includes a master plan design to accomplish an expansion capability to 5.0 million pounds per day in the near future. Geographically poised to absorb the rapidly increasing milk supply of the southern I-29 milk corridor, Green Meadows is positioned for growth and offers a new milk market for the region’s dairy producers.
Initial production from the plant is scheduled for November 2008, the American and Italian cheese varieties will be marketed to Masters Gallery Foods, Inc. of Plymouth, Wis. and the various whey products will be marketed domestically and internationally. “We have been assembling an efficient, state of the art manufacturing facility and are very fortunate to have assembled a highly skilled leadership team of industry professionals to guide the production of quality products for our customers,” said Tim Czmowski, general manager, Green Meadows Foods.