Summit to address animal handling practices

When food animal handling practices came under fire in Colorado, a coalition of livestock groups came together for a solution. The group helped form state legislation that would allow producers to address the issue in a workable timeframe and avoid a ballot issue to mandate change.

“We needed time to do research, to retrain employees and to be able to make the investment required to retrofit some of these operations,” said Ivan Steinke of the Colorado Livestock Association. “We were able to come up with something understandable and implementable.”

Steinke will share his experience at the Center for Food Integrity (CFI) 2008 Food System Summit, Oct. 8-9, in Indianapolis. During a breakout session on Food Animal Well Being, Steinke will be joined on a panel discussion of “Ballots, Initiatives and Ingenuity” by Mitch Head of GolinHarris, a leading public relations firm.

Additional breakout sessions will address the important food system topics of immigration, food safety and energy/sustainability. Summit participants will also get an in depth review and analysis of CFI’s latest nationwide Consumer Trust Survey.

“Balancing for Success” is the theme of this year’s event –- reflecting CFI’s belief that truly sustainable systems must be scientifically verified, ethically grounded, and economically viable.

The full agenda and registration information are available at