Eastern DairyBusiness to Launch in January

A new dairy title will debut in January with the launch of Eastern DairyBusiness magazine by DairyBusiness Communications.  According to Publisher Joel Hastings, coverage will be provided for the eastern half of the U.S.  The company’s Midwest and Northeast DairyBusiness magazines will be combined and coverage for the Southeast will be included.
“We’re combining the economic engine of the Northeast region with the strength and growth potential of the Midwest while adding in the evolving Southeastern states, to include 14 of the nation’s top 23 dairy states,” according to Hastings.  This region produces 50% of the nation’s milk and is home to 80% of U.S. milk producers.
The region also boasts some of the top university dairy science departments and researchers, the most progressive and forward-thinking dairy producer organizations and a strong base of dairy-related companies, providing a deep well of editorial resources and an even larger pool of marketing opportunities.
Eastern DairyBusiness will retain the highly acclaimed Pro-Dairy section, a special editorial package produced by Cornell University and featured in Northeast DairyBusiness for eight years. Monthly themes focus on critical dairy management components. Special issues will highlight two of the nation’s largest agricultural shows –- Empire Farm Days and World Dairy Expo -– as well as the comprehensive annual Dairy Statistics issue.
The magazine also will feature new opportunities for reader connections with advertisers both in print and on companion web sites.
The initial circulation will be 22,000 controlled and BPA audited, including dairy producers with 100+ herds and larger, veterinarians and nutritionists.  All producers and industry participants will be able to purchase subscriptions priced at $20 per year.
Combined with the company’s sister publication, Western DairyBusiness, the two magazines will provide complete coverage of the nation’s dairy industry.  National advertisers will be able to place a single order and receive a single invoice.  Ad content can be differentiated between the two regions at the advertiser’s option.
DairyBusiness Communications, based in Syracuse, NY, produces multi-media for the dairy industry including three monthly magazines (Western DairyBusiness, Eastern DairyBusiness and Holstein World), DairyProfit Weekly newsletter, three direct response buyers’ guides, DairyLine Radio, six active web sites and DairyProfit Seminars.   A division of Multi Ag Media, LLC, it is affiliated with Farm Market iD and Phoenix Data Processing.