BUFFER-LYX® receives patent

Patent number US7718187 has been issued for BUFFER-LYX® dairy low-moisture block supplement, a CRYSTALYX® product, for maintaining rumen health in ruminants. This newly patented product demonstrates the effectiveness of a specifically formulated Low-Moisture Block (LMB) product in helping ruminants – such as lactating dairy cows and feedlot cattle – avoid issues caused by factors that can lead to ruminal acidosis.  High grain diets, irregular or interruptions in feed delivery or consumption, persistent hot weather, inconsistent feed particle size, among others, are all factors that can lead to disruptions in rumen fermentation resulting in significant performance losses and poor animal health.

A study, conducted in July, August and September of 2009, compared two groups of cattle that were producing 100-plus lbs. of milk.  The research showed  milk production from the cattle on BUFFER-LYX® had only a slight drop-off in milk production, while the cattle without BUFFER-LYX® lost about 8 lbs. of milk production due to multiple days of heat stress.

“Dairy cattle are always fighting to overcome obstacles that keep them from consuming the nutrients they need on a consistent basis for optimum milk production and health,” Dr. Dan Dhuyvetter, director of research and nutrition services for Ridley Nutrition Services, said. “Warmer temperatures during the summer will intensify these problems. It can be difficult to detect subacute ruminal acidosis due to the subtle decline in performance. But those declines can add up to a dramatic decline in overall milk production.”

BUFFER-LYX® is a LMB made of molasses that has buffer and alkalinizer ingredients. It is specifically designed so the block is consumed by licking, rather than chewing. The licking action increases salivation, a key component of the patent and effectiveness of the LMB, which acts as a natural buffer for the maintenance of overall rumen health. Learn more at www.dairylyx.com. For more information, contact Dr. Dan Dhuyvetter, Ridley Nutrition Services, e-mail: dan.dhuyvetter@ridleyinc.com or phone: 507-388-9488.