Hubbard Feeds launches new dairy calf feeding programs

Hubbard Feeds introduced two new dairy calf feeding programs designed to fit the needs of the individual calf raiser and to simplify calf management. The new programs work in tandem with Hubbard’s Opticare® animal health product line, which includes a new colostrum replacer called PrimeDefense™, provide calf raisers with solutions to early calf nutrition.

The newly created dairy calf feeding programs are the result of an ongoing research partnership with the University of Minnesota to improve nutrition and management of calves through six months of age. Hubbard has combined the research findings with field surveys in key dairy calf markets to develop new products and feeding programs.

• The Foundation® Calf Program includes Calf Beginner and 4th Day® milk replacers, featuring key minerals and vitamins for growth and health. Calf Krunch 18% texturized starter contains high-density energy to support growth and early rumen development.

• The Intensive Calf Program is designed for producers looking for bigger, more developed replacement heifers at weaning. The program’s milk replacer, Mother’s Pride®, contains a 28% protein/18% fat ratio, ideal for growth of lean tissue in calves. Mother’s Pride is also now supplemented with NeoTec4, a research proven blend of specific fatty acids that strengthen the immune system, support intestinal health and help optimize calf performance. The high-protein milk replacer coupled with the higher protein Super Krunch 22% starter results in rapid early growth and long-term returns.

New PrimeDefense colostrum replacer, in the Opticare line of animal health products, provides 150 grams of globulin protein for use in situations where maternal colostrum is unavailable or is of unknown quantity or quality. PrimeDefense can also be utilized as a colostrum supplement.

PrimeDefense will be the featured topic in the October edition of The Hub™, an exclusive podcast from Hubbard Feeds. Dairy producers, nutritionists and veterinarians can sign up for a free subscription at The Hub audio feeds are e-mailed automatically each month, and listeners will have an opportunity to provide feedback and respond to polls on topics of interest to the dairy industry. A transcript of The Hub audio feeds is also available for download.