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World Dairy Expo announces 2011 honorees


When the world’s dairy industry gathers each fall for World Dairy Expo, it is only fitting that outstanding individuals be recognized for their contributions to the dairy business. Four individuals will be honored at a special “Dinner with the Stars” banquet, held on Wednesday, Oct. 5, in the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wis. Tickets for the event are $30. Reservations are required by Tuesday, Sept. 27. For Information about the event, visit the World Dairy Expo Web site at www.worlddairyexpo.com or call (608)224-6455.


World Dairy Expo’s 2011 Recognition Award Winners include: • Dairymen of the Year – Koepke Farms, Inc., Alan, Jim, David and John Koepke, Oconomowoc, Wis.

• Dairy Woman of the Year – Donna Myers, Windsor Manor, New Windsor, Md.

• Industry Person of the Year – Dr. H. Duane Norman, Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory, ARS, USDA, Fulton, Md.

• International Person of the Year – Anne Perchard, La Ferme Ltd. (The Ansom Jersey Herd) of Great Britain.


Dairy Woman of the Year

Donna Myer is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Human Ecology.  Together she and her husband, Jason, own Windsor Manor Farm, a 300-acre parcel that is home to 54 milking Registered Holsteins.  Donna not only co-manages the herd, she also handles the finances and oversees the labor force.  Their herd has been awarded 9 Progressive Breeder Registry Award and 18 Progressive Genetics Awards. She has proven an asset in the breeding of numerous Excellent scoring cows and numerous All-Maryland and All-American Awards.  One of the greatest accomplishments was breeding the number one TPI bull of 2002, Windsor Manor Machoman.  


She has served as a great mentor by encouraging numerous youth to become active in the dairy industry as they travel through life.  Described by some as a “tireless 4-H Mom”, she has helped to mold many of today’s young dairy leaders.  Donna is more active than ever in the Maryland State Fair having served as the Superintendent of the Dairy Show for the past eight years as well as the Board of Directors where she was instrumental in developing the new combined show schedule that saved exhibitors time and expense.  She has coached 4-H dairy cattle judging teams locally and for the state of Maryland.  Donna also coached the winning Senior Dairy Bowl team at the 1987 National Holstein Convention.


Even beyond her active role in the Windsor Manor Farm and throughout the Maryland 4-H realm, Donna has led by example throughout her life. Donna currently serves as President of the Maryland Holstein Association and President of the Maryland Agriculture Council, Inc. She has also served in the past on the Holstein Foundation Fundraising Committee, Co-Chair of the 1981 National Holstein Junior Convention, National Junior Advisory Board for Holstein Association, Chair of the Carroll County 4-H Fair and National Holstein Convention Delegate. She and her family have also hosted numerous farm tours for school children and industry groups to share the positive story of agriculture. 


Donna’s leadership on the farm, in state associations, at church and in her community makes her a well-rounded contributor to society.  In a day and age when all dairy producers need to be upstanding farmers and community citizens, Donna exemplifies what it means to bring the message of agriculture to the public light in a positive way.


The 2011 World Dairy Expo Dairy Woman of the Year award is sponsored by St. Jacobs ABC, Select Sires, Inc., Orion Energy Systems and A & L Laboratories, Inc.



International Person of the Year

Anne Perchard’s passion for the Jersey cow began as a child as her family’s herd has grown from less than 20 milking cows to over 250 today.  Anne lived through the difficult German occupation of Jersey Island and actually helped hide some of the best Jerseys from the German who slaughtered others during the occupation. La Ferme Ltd (The Ansom Jersey Herd) located on the tiny channel Island of Jersey is recognized as the largest herd and one of the leading production, type and genetic herds there.  Thousands of bulls and cows throughout the world have pedigrees that trace back to the Perchard dairy farm.

Anne Perchard has been a pioneer in the promotion of the Jersey breed having served as the only woman director on the Jersey Milk Marketing Board, Vice President of the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society, President of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau and Council Member and as an International dairy cattle judge. Previous honors that have been bestowed upon Anne include the rare American Jersey Cattle Association Honorary Member, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II for her service to jersey Cattle and 2005 World Jersey Cattle Bureau Distinguished Service Award. One of the most prestigious honors occurred when one of the cows was selected from over 1,000 cows to present to the Queen of England in 1978.

Anne is described as a master at international diplomacy, getting people and associations to look beyond their differences and focus on working together.  In her travels, she seeks out the young and beginning farmers to offer them encouragement.  She has been instrumental in encouraging the government to allow importation of genetics to the Island in 2008, thereby allowing those dairyman opportunities to improve their cattle. Mrs. Perchard’s life story is a chronicle of continuous progress and growth. 

The 2011 World Dairy Expo International Person of the Year Award is sponsored by Merrick Animal Nutrition, Inc., American Jersey Cattle Association and ABS Global.



Dairymen of the Year

Taking roads less traveled seems to be the mantra for our 2011 Dairymen of the Year, Alan, Jim, David and John Koepke of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  The individual contributions of all four could be worthy of recognition in their own right, however it is more appropriate that this family partnership be awarded to the whole operation.  


Known for breeding extremely high-quality registered Holsteins; the Koepke Farm combines brilliant business skills with sincere family- and community-centered values.  Koepke Farms has bred and managed 320 milking cows in a double-10 herringbone milking parlor with a current RHA of 31,563M, 1168F and 942P.  They operate nearly 1,000 acres of cropland as well. More than 100 cows have produced 200,000 lifetime pounds of milk with the famous “Granny” cow holding the current World Lifetime Milk Production record at 458,609 pounds of lifetime milk.  The herd has been named a Progressive Genetics Herd by Holstein Association USA twice.  The Koepke herd has received numerous designations including the State of Wisconsin Office of the Governor Commendation for Distinguished Dairy Management and the State of Wisconsin Assembly Dedication to Excellence in Dairy Management.

Recently Koepke Farm has embarked on a direct-t-market project with a local master cheesemaker to make a special, just-for-Koepke recipe called La Belle Cheese. 


Innovation is evident in just about all of the facets of Koepke Farm.  With the farm’s goal “to produce a healthy dairy product in a manner that is good for our cows, our environment and our business”, it is no surprise that their efforts in environmental stewardship have been extensive.  Koepkes were pioneers in the no-till revolution, starting in the 1980’s. They also implement other conservation practices including contour strips, grass waterways, cover crops and nutrient management.  


Each of the partners of Koepke Farms has been an active agriculture leader.  Active in organizations that support the industry such as Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Center for Integrated Ag Systems, Waters of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, Ag Source Cooperative Services, Dodge County Dairy Herd Improvement, Wisconsin Holstein Association, UW-Madison Center for Dairy Profitability Advisory Committee and University of Wisconsin Discovery Farms, the Koepke family has led by example.  


The 2011 World Dairy Expo Dairymen of the Year Award is sponsored by NuPulse, Inc., Dairy Herd Management, ANIMART and Merck Animal Health.



Industry Person of the Year

Dr. H. Duane Norman grew up on a registered Jersey farm in Liberty, Pennsylvania where he was active in 4-H and FFA.  His first homebred Jersey was Grand Champion at the Pennsylvania Junior Dairy Show in 1959, 1961, and 1962. Duane earned his undergraduate and MS degrees from Pennsylvania State University and sent on to Cornell University to attain his Doctorate.  He and his wife, Roslyn, live in Fulton, Maryland and have three grown children.


Dr. Duane Norman has been Research Leader of the Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory (AIPL) for over 22 years. He has developed methods that enhanced genetic improvement, thereby increasing the efficiency of milk production worldwide.  Through his leadership, AIPL’s research has moved from simple evaluation of yield traits to complex evaluation of yield, fitness, and health traits, including conformation, longevity, mastitis resistance, fertility, calving ease, and stillbirth, each recently enhanced by genomics


Specific contributions include the development of genetic evaluations for milk and fat, selection for protein using economic indices, international comparisons of dairy cattle genetics, genetic gains for reproductive traits, performance of cloned dairy cattle, characteristics and effects of dry period length and dairy cattle genomics to name a few.  Suffice it to say that, through his leadership and research efforts, the U.S. dairy cattle genetic evaluations remain the envy of the world. 


Dr. Norman has served the dairy industry in other venues including serving as Co-Chair of the National Dairy Shrine’s scholarship auction and developing the “Kid’s Corner educational pages for the AIPL web site.  Duane has supported dairy organizations like the American Dairy Science Association Foundation, American Jersey Cattle Club Research Foundation, national DHIA Scholarship Fund and National Dairy Shrine. Duane has used his creative mind for the betterment of the dairy industry.


The 2011 World Dairy Expo Person of the Year Award is sponsored by Accelerated Genetics, Dairy Herd Management, Merrick Animal Nutrition, Inc. and Merck Animal Health.