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From Time to time we'll enter some of our work in a contest or two. If we're really lucky a client will love the project so much they'll enter the work. Here's what we've won lately!

"DairyBusiness has been a great partner with us, consistently delivering award-winning and engaging creative materials against tight deadlines and even tighter budgets!"

Karla Stockli
CEO - California Fig Advisory Board

2012 Fresno Area ADDY Awards

Addy Gold Metal Awards
Packaging (Single Unit)

Point of Purchase (Counter Top or Attached)

Publication Design (Magazine Dessign - Entire Magazine)

Brochure (Four-Color)

Full Page (Four-Color)

Campaign (Four-Color)

Websites (Consumer-Products)

Fractioal Page (Four-Color)

Addy Gold Metal Awards

Product of Service Sales Presentation (Sales Kits or Products)


2010 Fresno Area ADDY Awards

Addy Gold Metal Awards

Point-of Purchase (POP Fold)

Brochure, Color (California Fig Brochure)

Brochure, Color (2011 Calendar)

Special Event Campaign (Fig Fest 2010)

Poster (Fig Feast Poster)

Consumer/Trade Spread, Color (Say Cheese Insert)

Consumer/Trade Spread, Color (Say Cheese Spread)

Consumer/Trade Campaign, Color (Say Cheese 2010)

Addy Gold Metal Awards

Website, Consumer HTML, Products (


2009 LPC Awards

Addy Gold Metal Awards
Event/Show Program (World Ag Expo 2008) – Second Place

4-Color Full Page Ad for a Farm or Ranch (Me-Do Meadows) – Honorable Mention

“Good use of a strong photo that really makes a statement. A visually appealing ad that really got the message across.” – LPC

Multiple Page Livestock Ad (Muranda) – First Place

“The three-page layout of the design gives enough space to visually play out the message extremely well. The warm tones used throughout the piece were a very good choice. For us, the simplicity of the advertisement makes the piece very elegant. It is a very good advertisement that would stand out in any publication.” – LPC