Amos Vryhof || 10/22/2012

I've been thinking of a way to explain how selling impressions works that most people over the age of 16 ought to understand. This should help our customers who are looking to understand CPM pricing.

Impressions work like road traffic. The banners are the cars, the placements (spots) are the lanes, and the impressions are the speed of travel. You can fit as many cars as you need into the lanes on a road. The only thing that is affected is the speed at which the cars can travel. If there are a lot of cars on the road, the lanes get congested but do not stop, they simply move slower. That is how impressions work.

If there are fewer banners, the impressions for each banner are delivered faster. If there are more banners, the impressions will be delivered slower. So, more banners just means the impressions go slower.

Mike Hudson || 10/19/2012

     EAST SYRACUSE, NY – DairyBusiness is pleased to announce the launch of the brand’s creative services website: It will showcase creative work produced by DairyBusiness and offer insight into our creative process.

     The new website has a contemporary look and streamlined user experience. It features samples of creative material, an informative blog and links to products and services used by the creative services team. The website is a true resource for DairyBusiness as well as it's customers. While promoting the skills of the creative services team the new website also offers templates and ideas for new customers.

     DairyBusiness is a multimedia publishing company combining print, video, internet & radio into a perfect storm of advertising opportunity and know-how. Our Creative Services department has over 70 years of combined experience and specific knowledge of the agri-industry and specialty food market. Our creative services department provides award-winning, professionally crafted, agency quality work. And we do it quickly! We’re ready for your next project.

Justin MacCreery || 10/17/2012

     These are exciting times at DairyBusiness Communications! And I just happen to be here at the right time.

     As technology and communications continues to erupt in the twenty first century, a multitude of avenues are opening to connect readers with the content they desire. There's the traditional print magazine, but there's also video, websites on tablets, billboards, radio, banners on phones, videos and radio embedded in websites and more. The average person may find it's difficult to keep up with the current publishing technologies, no less know how to leverage those technologies to benefit their businesses.

     Here in the Creative Services Department, our mission is to help our customers take advantage of what's new and exciting. We're poised to charge forward into this century with a wonderful assortment of artists, designers, cinematographer, photographers and developers experienced in agricultural publishing. We're dedicated to using our collective skills to help you bridge any gap between you and the readers. And we're ready, willing and able take on any challenge that might be offered up.

     And that's why I'm excited and feel lucky to be here. I find it greatly satisfying working with the team to use today's technology to help people connect.