What Are You Doing Here? Dairy Farmers Shake Up SXSW 2017

“What are YOU doing here?” was the questioned posed by many technology and food thought leaders last weekend as ten dairy farmers attended panels at SXSW. Minnesota Dairy Farmer Sadie Frericks replied, “We are here to talk about the intersection of technology and food production and how important it is to the future of food.”

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy sponsored several events including a Food + Technology Event where hundreds of people listen to California Dairy Farmer Aaron Wickstrom speak about technology on the farm. Participants chatted with farmers and interacted with a touch-screen milk cooler that encouraged people to learn about sustainable dairy foods.

In partnership with Spredfast (technology company), over 1,500 freakshakes or "extreme milkshakes" were handed out at an exclusive interactive event. People then shared their creations through Instagram which became a top trending topic coming out of the event. Special thanks to Dairy MAX and Dean’s/Dairy Pure who donated milk and whipped cream.

Our SXSW panel discussion “We Love Technology … Why Not When It Comes to Food?” explored the relationship of food, tech and consumer trust with Indiana Dairy Farmer Sue McCloskey representing the dairy perspective. It was one of the most attended panels in the SXSW Food Track.

Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Carrie Mess said, “Here at SXSW, when you look at all the options of panels it’s food, food, food, everywhere. And no one is talking about farmers. By (DMI) bringing us here, we are part of the conversation that is happening with or without us. It’s better for us to be here.”

If you would like to know more about the SXSW events, visit the Dairy Hub.

Brownsfield Ag News interviewed Washington Dairy Farmer Michelle Schilter

Agritalk Mike Adams interviewed Minnesota Dairy Farmer Sadie Frericks interviewed Alabama Dairy Farmer Will Gilmer
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Dairy Farmer Takes On Nintendo Mini Milking Game

California Dairy Farmer Nevin Lemos got the chance to review Nintendo 1-2 Switch udderly ridiculous new minigame about milking cows. Nevin was surprised at how accurate the game is. He also did a record 17 cups of milk. 
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Four U.S. Dairy Messages for Mexico This Week

From the USDEC blog, “U.S. Dairy Export Council President and CEO Tom Vilsack says he is emphasizing four positive messages this week as he and other U.S. dairy leaders meet with Mexican government officials, dairy organizations and media.”

What are the messages?
  • Mexico is a highly valued U.S. dairy customer.
  • It’s important to preserve what's good in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
  • Don’t concede to the European Union on geographical indications.
  • The successful dairy partnership between Mexico and the United States can get even better.
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Kroger and Oberweis Overhaul Traditional Milk Jugs

Recently, both Kroger - one on the world’s largest retailers – and Oberweis - a beloved and iconic brand based in the Chicago area -- introduced milk in bottles designed to maintain flavor quality in grocery stores by protecting it from light.

This was not just a happy accident. Dairy checkoff staff, led by Tim Stubbs, met with both companies to share checkoff-led university and consumer research to demonstrate that light in dairy cases can make milk taste bad.

As Tim told me, “We gave them definitive, quantified proof that consumers give a lower liking score when milk has been exposed to light.” Not good, but an opportunity.

Since then, Kroger and Oberweis have invested in new packaging that would make the milk taste experience better, for longer, for their customers. That experience can lead to more dairy moved over the long haul.
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Farming Is In Bret’s Blood

On New York Animal Agriculture Coalition website Bret Bossard talks about challenges and benefits of managing a New York dairy farm with three partners.

He says, “Like many businesses, our greatest challenges are the things that are out of our hands and that we have no control over. The price of milk is volatile and the weather is unpredictable.”
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What Are Farmers Sharing

Well, we checked with our bosses and they still need to be fed, watered and milked.
Marilyn Hershey wins Dairy Woman of the Year
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
An interesting article for those worried about Glyphosate 
Success on the farm really doesn't mean much at all if you end up without anyone to pass it on to.
Kale! Thank you Vince for the heritage based name!!

What Are Farmers Sharing From The Dairy Hub?

What Are State and Regional Checkoffs Sharing?

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Marc Mariani celebrates with Mountain View Elementary with FUTP 60
Spring is right around the corner.
What do you do with all of that cow manure?
Alaska School Nutrition Association is fired up about starting breakfast programs and feeding kids.
It’s National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!
In honor of Pi Day, we baked up a healthful 3.14 Fruit Pie!
These Bear Claw Brownies from @beckylows_kitchen feature a rich dark chocolate brownie with a crunchy top, salty cashews, and delicious milk chocolate chips.
Good nutrition doesn't have to be complicated! Does your family get the proper nutrients they need? MyPlate makes it easy to find out.
5 #diet tips that actually work from two registered #dietitians today at 2 p.m.!
#tbt to the smoothie contest at the @nysfair. Who wishes it was summertime already? We do, we do!
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At Thomas College Wellness Fair, handing out samples of Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt.
Today one of the #101Bottles were delivered to @butlerblue3 as the @butlermbb team gets ready for #MarchMadness. Good luck!
In honor of National Nutrition Month’s message of cooking more at home using healthier ingredients, try this healthy two-cheese chicken penne with spinach recipe. Like father, like son, like son's son! Eleven-year-old Bryce is following in the hardworking footsteps of his father and grandfather on their California dairy farm.
Happy International Women's Day from one hardworking group of ladies to another!
Congrats to our college scholarship winners announced at the @Fiesta_Bowl. Jake won $12,000, Jack won $10,000 and Victoria won $8,000 - all to help them through their higher education!

Legen-dairy Single Serving Size For This Guy?

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