DairyBusiness East

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The 31-state region served by DairyBusiness East covers the Eastern half of the U.S. and includes five states in the top 10 for milk production. Wisconsin ranking 2nd is followed by New York (4th), Pennsylvania (5th), Minnesota (6th) and Michigan (8th).

The Midwest is revitalizing, the Northeast is responding to increased regional demand and the Southeast features the largest average herd sizes in this region. Free-stalls, corn silage and four-season climate are common factors in the Great Lakes states, from Minnesota to Vermont.

The readers of DairyBusiness East have an average herd size of 336 cows per herd, compared with the region’s average herd size of 103. The average gross income from milk sales per reader averages $1,161,888. These readers are farmers also raising 3.9 million acres of corn and nearly 2.4 million acres of hay.

The editorial content for DairyBusiness East is focused on the latest time saving, income maximizing and practical management strategies for the region. Emphasis is given to producer proven techniques for herd health, feed and nutrition, milk quality and production, crop management, waste handling, environmental concerns and financial management.