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The dynamic 17-state region in the Western U.S. includes over 5800 commercially licensed dairies with over 4.2 million cows producing nearly 50% of the nation’s milk supply. Five western states are among the top 10 in milk production nationally… California (1st), Idaho (3rd), Texas (7th), New Mexico (9th) and Washington (10th).

In terms of production per cow efficiencies, the West holds nine of the top 10 spots among state rankings. Large herds predominate in the West with an average herd size in the region of 724 head, seven times larger than those in the Midwest or Northeast and more than four times larger than herds in the Southeast. The average gross income per farm from milk sales in the Western region for 2010 was over $2.5 million.
Readers in the West produce significant crops also with over 1.4 million acres of corn and 1.2 million acres of hay raised annually.

The editorial content for DairyBusiness West is focused on the latest time saving, income maximizing and practical management strategies for the region. Emphasis is given to producer proven techniques for herd health, feed and nutrition, milk quality and production, crop management, waste handling, environmental concerns and financial management.