Apr 2015 Milk Prices Class I: 15.50 Class II: 14.98 Class III: 15.81 Class IV: 13.51 Calif 4a: 13.36 Calif 4b: 14.22 Jun 3, 2015 CME Spot Prices Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 1.9375 Change: -1.5000             Block Cheese Settled/lb: 1.7400 Change: -3.0000             Barrel Cheese Settled/lb: 1.7000 Change: -2.0000             NFDM Grade A Settled/lb: 0.8800 Change: Unchanged             Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 1.9525 Change: -5.2500            

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Declining School Milk Consumption a Concern

As this school year comes to a close it is never too early to look ahead to next year.  Child nutrition experts and dairy advocates continue to be concerned about the decline in school milk consumption.

While public school enrollment continues to grow, schools served 187 milli

World Market Update

How do things look right now on the world market and what do the indicators mean for the U.S. dairy producer? USDEC's Alan Levitt answered those questions on today's DairyLine Radio program.

Cheese Prices Continued to Climb

Another record set for cheese prices at the CME for this year. Dairy & Food Market Analyst Matt Gould joined us on today's DairyLine to discuss.

Baleage Can Be a Useful Storage Alternative

This week's Feed Facts segment heard on DairyLine Radio focuses on baleage. Dr. Mike Hutjens, dairy extension specialist at the University of Illinois, gives us his insights:

Fast Track Trade Authority Passes Senate

The U.S. Senate passed a Trade Promotion Authority bill 62-38 late Friday, but it is uncertain whether the House will follow suit. Chris Galen of the National Milk Producers Federation gave us an update on Thursday's DairyLine.

The Heifer: Is The Diet Working?

Heifer growth responses are not immediate and heifers are reared in different housing types under diverse climatic conditions getting a sense of “is this diet working” and can be challenging at best. Pat Hoffman presents a webinar on the subject sponsored by PDPW. He tells us about on

Bears Versus Bulls

Matt Gould of the Dairy & Food Market Analyst breaks down the latest dairy market activity.

Prepare For Heat Stress