Mar 2014 Milk Prices Class I: 23.64 Class II: 24.22 Class III: 23.33 Class IV: 23.66 Calif 4a: 23.37 Calif 4b: 22.16 Apr 23, 2014 CME Spot Prices Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 1.8950 Change: Unchanged Block Cheese Settled/lb: 2.2100 Change: -1.2500 Barrel Cheese Settled/lb: 2.2175 Change: -1.2500 NFDM Grade A Settled/lb: 1.8575 Change: Unchanged Butter Grade AA Settled/lb: 1.8950 Change: 0.5000
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April 24
Declining Prices Expected, But Still Favorable Margins
April 23, 2014 — Milk production didn’t jump that much in April,  reported at 1.1 % in the major dairy states from a year ago. One reason for the modest increase could be that dairy producers are still recovering from the depressed prices in 2009, along with the high feed prices in 2012-13. “They’re paying […]
Banning Chocolate Milk Backfires
April 22, 2014 — To some, banning chocolate milk from elementary schools seemed like a good idea, but new Cornell University research shows that removing chocolate milk from school menus has negative consequences. “When schools ban chocolate milk, we found it usually backfires. On average, milk sales drop by 10 percent, 29 percent of white […]
March Milk Production up 1.1 Percent
April 21, 2014 — Milk production in the 23 major States during March totaled 16.7 billion pounds, up 1.1 percent from March 2013. February revised production at 14.9 billion pounds, was up 1.3 percent from February 2013. The February revision represented a decrease of 18 million pounds or 0.1 percent from last month’s preliminary production […]
Sustainability: Dairy Industry Leads The Way
April 21, 2014– April 22 is Earth Day, a celebration of our planet and a chance to learn more about how the dairy industry leads the way when it comes to sustainability. DeLaval is a company with 4,500 employees in 100 markets  and has transformed the buzz word ‘sustainability’ into a business strategy. The company’s vision […]
Market Recap – Cheese Rally During Short Week
April 18, 2014 — Last Friday’s small cheese price rally turned into a sustained recovery this week and reversed 3 weeks of declines. The cash blocks tacked on another 5.75¢ this morning on 4 sales, ending the Good Friday holiday-shortened week at $2.28/lb. The 1st 3 sales were at $2.2325/lb., with the 4th sale at […]
Don’t Let Your Taste Buds Fool You
April 17, 2014 — “It’s not real dairy if it’s made from a bean, a seed, a nut, or a weed,” says DairyUS, the animated Real Seal character, in his latest video. The video is a reminder to consumers that only real dairy products have the same nutrition they have come to know and love […]
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Bill Baker
Silage Management: Safety Should Be Top Priority
April 24, 2014 — What’s the number one problem/issue with silage management? Safety, according to the “Silage Man” Keith Bolson. He explains why you have nothing to lose by consistently protecting workers, livestock, equipment, and property. At harvest, filling, and feeding does not occur without thought, preparation, and training. Listen to the Silage Man’s complete radio podcast here, […]
Road Ready: Putting Your Business Financials in Gear
April 23, 2014 – In case you missed PDPW’s  World Class Webinar today with expert Dr. David Kohl, you can plan for part two next month. Kohl is President of AgriVisions, LLC and business coach and also part owner of Homestead Creamery. He provides the latest news on global economics and trends in agriculture, and during the second webinar, producers […]
The Value of Everyone Getting Together
April 21, 2014 — The importance of having everyone at the table at the same time is the focus of our “Make the Connection” podcast this month with Randy Schmidt, owner/partner of S&S Jerseyland Dairy, Dennis Schueller and Randy Marx, consulting nutritionist from CP Feeds, along with dairy team facilitator Kristy Pagel of Diamond V.