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2013 hay acreage steady, but dairy states may see declines

2013 hay acreage steady, but dairy states may see declines
While corn and soybeans got most of the attention, USDA’s Prospective Plantings report, released March 28, indicated U.S. producers intend to harvest 56.4 million acres of all hay in 2013, up slightly from 2012.
Hay acreage is expected to decline from last year across most of the East, Southwest and Great Lakes regions. Record low acreage is expected across several New England states, as well as Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
In contrast, Montana is expecting to harvest 2.7 million acres of hay in 2013, up 500,000 acres (+23%) from 2012.
In the 23 major dairy states, largest acreage declines will be in Virginia (-105,000 acres); California and Colorado (-100,000 each); Wisconsin (-70,000); Colorado (-50,000); Iowa (-40,000); and Florida (-30,000). Missouri (+140,000) and Texas (+100,000) will post large acreage increases.
On a percentage basis, largest “dairy state” acreage declines will be in Florida and Ohio (-9% each); Virginia (-8%); California (-6%); and Vermont and Wisconsin (-5%).
• To see the full Prospective Plantings report, visit http://usda01.library.cornell.edu/usda/current/ProsPlan/ProsPlan-03-28-2013.pdf