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CDFA Feb. Class 1 Prices Announced


After a 12-day delay the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) announced its February Class 1 milk prices this afternoon at $19.83 per hundredweight for the north and $20.10 for the south. Both are down 41 cents from January but are $1.31 above February 2012. That put the two-month average at $20.04 for the north and $20.31 for the south, up 84 cents from a year ago.

CDFA stated on its website that Class prices for the months February to May 2013 include temporary price increases resulting from the December 21, 2012 public hearing. “In order to calculate the class prices for these months, the additional temporary increases are added to the corresponding per pound price of the Fat, Solids not fat, and Fluid Carrier after all other calculations of the current formulas have been performed,” CDFA posted.

Courtesy the Mielke Market Weekly