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CDFA issues Dairy Mid-Year Review

The California Department of Food & Agriculture released its 2013 Dairy Statistics & Trends Mid-Year Review.
For the first six months of 2013, California recorded decreased milk production compared to the same time period in 2012, an average overall growth rate of -2.9%. For the U.S. overall, comparing January-June of 2013 to the same period in 2012, milk production showed relatively no change.
For the first quarter of 2013, the average mailbox milk price paid to California producers was $17.45/cwt. (up from $16.63/cwt. for the first quarter 2012).
The 2013 California first quarter average statewide cost to produce milk was $17.69/cwt. (up from $16.63/cwt. for the first quarter 2012).
To see the report, click here.