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DFA issues $29.6 million in patronage earnings

DFA issues $29.6 million in patronage earnings
Dairy Farmers of America’s board of directors issued $29.6 million in patronage earnings to members of the cooperative. This allocation, which equals 7.5¢/cwt., was made to members who marketed their milk through DFA in 2012.
The amount of patronage a member receives each year is based on the amount of milk they marketed through the cooperative.
 All members will receive at least 20% of their earnings in cash, with the balance added to their capital accounts. Those who have achieved the established base capital level will receive 100% of their earnings in cash. Of the $29.6 million, $8.4 million was distributed in cash and the balance was allocated to members’ equity accounts.
Since the formation of DFA in 1998, more than $490 million in patronage earnings has been allocated to the co-op’s farmer owners.