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Dairy commercial stocks built in November-January

Dairy commercial stocks built in November-January
Commercial disappearance of dairy products during the three-month period (Nov. 2012-Jan. 2013) totaled 49.22 billion lbs., 0.6% above the same period of 2011-12, but less than total dairy producer milk marketings for the same period. Ending commercial stocks on a milk-equivalent, milkfat basis were estimated at 13.47 billion lbs., up 7.7% from a year earlier.
Milk production for the three-month period was estimated at 49.92 billion lbs; milk marketings totaled 49.67 billion lbs. Beginning commercial stocks (11.74 billion lbs.) and imports (1.27 billion lbs.) added to the total available for commercial disappearance.
Comparing disappearance levels with the November-January period a year earlier: butter was down 14.8%, at 404.6 million lbs.; American cheese was up +1.7%, at 1.10 billion lbs.; other cheese was up +1.2%, at 1.77 billion lbs.; nonfat dry milk was -33.6%, at 272.1 million lbs.; and fluid milk products were -2.1%, at 13.55 billion lbs.
Source: Dairy Market News