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Don Davis surpasses 2 million units for All West/Select Sires

Don Davis surpasses 2 million units for All West/Select Sires


TURLOCK, Calif. ¬– A trip to AI school as a Christmas present at the age of 21 started Don Davis on the road to a successful career in the genetics industry, but he didn’t realized just how far it would actually take him. All West/Select Sires honored Davis recently for surpassing the 2 million-unit milestone for semen sales in the West.


“I consider all my clients, friends,” says Davis. “In addition to having wonderful customers, I have to give a lot of credit to a terrific company in All West/Select Sires; a team of good people to work with; and my wife Suzanne, who is a big support.”


“Over the years, Don has shown genuine concern for the success of his customers,” observes Bill Genasci, director of California operations for All West/Select Sires in Turlock. “Don puts our company motto – ‘Your Success, Our Passion’ – into practical action. He always looks for new ways he can help producers be more successful. He has a gift for building long-term relationships with dairy producers while also establishing important connections with the next generation.”


“I’ve been around cows for as long as I can remember,” Davis says. “I remember sitting out in our front yard in Sebastopol, watching the cows eating across the road at Fomasi Dairy. I was about 5 years old.” Davis got his first job at age 14, feeding those cows and learned how to milk them in a Surge 4-cow side opener.


Davis recalled that it was Mrs. Wendell, a dairy producer in Santa Rosa, who sent him to AI school as a Christmas gift if he’d promise to come back and work at her Holstein and Jersey dairy as a herdsman and cattle breeder. He credits her with encouraging him to take on new challenges and helping to prepare him for a career in the AI industry.


Davis joined the sales team at All West/Select Sires in 1989. Today, he covers Stanislaus County, north, working with dairies located west of Highway 99 up through the Petaluma area. He got his start in the AI industry with ABS as a technician and GMS evaluator, in Northern California for three years.


Davis spent the next 10 years in the Magic Valley and lived in Jerome, Idaho. He moved back to California in 1984 to be close to family and was hired to start the Select Mating Service program for Superior Sires. California was his territory – from Mexico to Oregon.


“Besides being a great sales person, Don Davis has always been a solid voice of reason and a good sounding board when I need to hear what’s going on out in the field,” Genasci says. “Reaching the 2 million unit milestone is an outstanding accomplishment.”


Don and his wife Suzanne live in Hilmar. They are avid Harley motorcycle riders with road trips as far East as North Carolina, Kentucky, and West Virginia, and as far north as Canada.