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Food manufacturers, retailers align with IDFA on Dairy Freedom Act

Food processor, restaurant and retailer groups voiced support for the Dairy Freedom Act in a letter to the bill’s authors, U.S. Reps. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va). and David Scott (D-Ga.).
“We strongly support your bill that will establish support for dairy farmers without mandating that they participate in a new government dairy ‘supply management’ program,” wrote more than three dozen signatories in the letter. “Your compromise, bipartisan proposal will help dairy farmers through tough economic times, but removes an unnecessary regulatory burden on dairy businesses and provides opportunity for market expansion, new jobs and economic growth.”
The Dairy Freedom Act provides a safety net for dairy farmers by establishing a new revenue insurance program for times of low milk prices and high feed costs. Unlike the Dairy Security Act, the Dairy Freedom Act’s insurance program is not tied to a controversial supply management program.
Opponents of supply management believe it would increase domestic prices on dairy products above international prices, make the American dairy industry less competitive and bring more government regulation and intervention into milk markets.