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GEA Farm Technologies introduces Contourâ„¢ Mattress System

Naperville, IL – June 18, 2014 – GEA Farm Technologies is very excited to bring dairy producers a better way of thinking about cow bedding. The new, patent pending Contour™ Mattress System is a premium air mattress system for the ultimate in cow comfort and support. This unique bedding choice provides an alternative to deep-bedded sand or solids. Plus, the Contour improves top dress material retention compared to other mattress systems, while allowing greater installation flexibility, no matter your stall configuration.

The unique chevron-shaped, air-filled chamber design of the Contour Mattress System provides cushion to relieve pressure points on the cow, making her more comfortable while lying on the stall platform. In fact, this premium comfort mattress is designed to promote the natural lying behavior preferred by cows, and it improves bedding retention in the stall for better udder hygiene, and an overall more comfortable environment for the cow to rest and be most productive. 

In addition, unlike water or other liquids used in cow mattresses, the Contour system, with its air chamber “pillows,” maintains a more consistent stall temperature, especially during temperature fluctuations.

“The original air chamber design of the Contour system provides firm, stable footing when the cow enters and exits the bed,” explains Ivan Wasuck, GEA Farm Technologies Director of Engineering for Barn Equipment products. “The design of the air chambers and elevated valleys also significantly minimize any pressure points on the cow when she is laying down. There is no wave motion underfoot, which means bedding retention is superior, compared to other designs.”

Eric Moscho, U.S. National Sales Manager for Barn Equipment products at GEA Farm Technologies adds, “The air chamber pillows help eliminate the ‘bottoming out’ effect and the ‘bounce out factor’ of bedding into the scrape alleys when the cow steps onto the bed. With the Contour Mattress System, you can expect the bedding material to stay in the stalls better.”

The chevron-shaped design of the Contour Mattress System also allows for better surface draining and easy removal of manure. The industrial grade rubber mattresses are long lasting and durable to provide continued cow comfort for many years. The beds are designed with adjustability in mind. They are not stall-width dependent. And they are easy to install, with minimal tools.

“If your farm is not set up for sand bedding, the Contour Mattress System provides a practical alternative, without sacrificing cow comfort,” says Moscho. “From my observations, most farms have somewhere in their barn where they could use a few stall bed replacements. This is an ideal place and time to try the Contour Mattress System. You’ll find out quickly that the Contour is a great choice.”

For more information, contact GEA Farm Technologies at 1-877-WS-Dairy (1-877-973-2479).

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