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Grassley: Report shows federal farm payment loopholes

Grassley: Report shows federal farm payment loopholes
Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa released a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report showing additional changes are needed to  Farm Bill payment eligibility requirements and limitation provisions  for those “actively involved” in farming. 
The report reviewed the Farm Service Agency’s compliance reviews of farming operation members’ claimed contributions of active personal management and personal labor.  The GAO report also examines the Farm Service Agency’s state offices’ timeliness in completing and reporting compliance reviews and the results.
Grassley cited one case where farm payments go to 11 active managers of one farm who supposedly provide significant management experience, yet perform no labor.
Grassley said that the conferees to the Farm Bill should take notice of the report.
“This is just one more reason that my payment limits provisions included in the Senate and House bills -- placing a hard cap on farm payments and closing loopholes that allow non-farmers to game the system -- should stay untouched,” Grassley said.
The report can be found on Grassley’s website, grassley.senate.gov.