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Health care reform: Dairy producers should look at options

Health care reform: Dairy producers should look at options
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or ObamaCare) brings heightened attention on insurance to the agriculture community, and specifically to individuals who, for one reason or another, may not have had to make decisions about health insurance coverage in the past.
Experts at DFA Insurance, provided through an alliance with Agri-Services Agency, have been working to provide information so dairy producers and others in agriculture are prepared when the new laws go into effect.
“Dairy producers should be treating the Jan. 1 deadline as they would any other legislation affecting their operation,” said Paul Kulpa, vice president for market and product strategy. “As the deadline approaches, they need to review their options and ensure they have adequate health insurance coverage established to meet the new regulations.
“To help determine the appropriate health care insurance for their dairies, producers will be best served by consulting with an expert who understands the unique circumstances and needs of agriculture workers,” he continued. “Producers also need to be aware of the potential opportunities that will be available to them, such as small business tax credits, while keeping in mind the possible penalties they may incur by not taking action to comply with PPACA guidelines.”