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National ‘Dairy Challenge’ is April 4-6

The national Dairy Challenge Academy will be held April 4-6, in Fort Wayne, Ind.
Students from 37 college dairy programs will participate in the event, hosted by Purdue University, Michigan State University and The Ohio State University. About 230 participants will visit five dairies in the area to learn how to best help dairy farmers evaluate and adapt their farm management to meet operational goals and profit expectations. Dairy industry experts will present cutting-edge research, new programs and career opportunities to students.
Over its 12-year national history, the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge® has helped prepare more than 4,000 students for careers in dairy and agriculture. At Dairy Challenge, each team of students puts textbook knowledge to the ultimate test – consulting for an actual dairy. Teams inspect an operating dairy, analyze farm data and conduct a question-answer session with farm owners. Then each team develops recommendations for the dairy, which will be presented to farm owners and a panel of five judges – including dairy producers, veterinarians, farm finance specialists and industry personnel.