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New DeLaval teat dip dispensing systems do more with less‏

New DeLaval teat dip dispensing systems do more with less


TULARE, Ca. — Teat dip concentrates are an effective way to decrease transportation and distribution costs, reduce plastic container waste and cost-effectively manage a herd’s udder health program. DeLaval is previewing at World Ag Expo – the largest annual agricultural exhibition in the world – its new range of on-farm dispensing systems for concentrated teat dips.


Each system is designed to dilute teat dip concentrates and dispense fresh product on demand with reliable accuracy regardless of fluctuations in water pressure. The convenience of these systems can help save time and labor – and potentially reduce the footprint of teat dip product at the dairy.


“DeLaval dispensing systems are a great example of sustainable dairy farming in action,” said Clyde Olmstead, Marketing Manager of Aftermarket Solutions for DeLaval Inc. “Not only do the systems help improve on-farm management practices by eliminating manual mixing of teat dip concentrates, but they reduce the amount of water and plastic barrels being shipped to the dairy – helping farmers do more with less.”


The company has developed three dispensing systems compatible with all DeLaval, Universal and West Agro teat dip concentrates:


·TD Manual Dispensing System– Perfect for small- to medium-sized dairies, this system can dilute and dispense up to two teat dip concentrates simultaneously. Use it during milking to fill cups or small containers with fresh product on demand.


·TD Automatic Dispensing System– Great for medium to large dairies requiring an efficient way to dilute teat dip concentrates. This “pump-to-gun” system can dispense ready-to-use product from up to 200 ft away to sprayers or foamers in the parlor.


·IodoZyme Dispensing System– Exclusively developed for IodoZyme, a premium West Agro pre-dip, this “pump-to-gun” dispensing system delivers fresh, reliable product from up to 200 ft away to sprayers or foamers in the parlor.


Commercial sales of both the TD Manual Dispensing System and TD Automatic Dispensing System will commence quarter two of this year. The IodoZyme Dispensing System is currently available for purchase.