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Pro Ag: Consumers Don’t Want Aspartame in Their Food

Guest Editorial from: Arden Tewksbury, Manager; Pro-Ag

Consumers Don’t Want Aspartame in Their Food

Everyone should join in the fight against Aspartame being used in our food supply. One can only wonder why some people just can’t leave well enough alone!  For instance-many consumers have always consumed wholesomewhole chocolate milk.  Actually it appears that sales of real chocolate milk are increasing, so why disturb these sales? 

Last summer I visited the Olympic training center in Lake Placid, New York. We visited the area where the American ice hockey team won the Gold medal in 1980.  However, the most important thing we learned was from some of the trainers.  They informed us that as soon as the athletes finish their daily training, the trainers make sure the athletes are given chocolate milk.  They claim chocolate milk is the fastest way to restore electrolytes in the athletes’ bodies.  I even understand that some advertising agencies are beginning to use our dairy farmers’ money to promote chocolate milk for athletes (not just Olympians).  As I said in an earlier editorial, I always drank chocolate milk.  The Progressive Agriculture Organization (Pro-Ag) is cooperating with several consumer groups across the United States in urging the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) not to approve the IDFA/NMPF petition to allow aspartame  to be added to chocolate flavored milk and any other dairy products like yogurt, sour cream, whipped cream, etc.  Unfortunately, fluid sales of milk in general are declining.

What we need is more vigorous advertising and promotion campaigns illustrating the real value of milk and milk products.  I strongly believe that all of the advertising agencies that use the dairy farmers’ money for their efforts must accelerate their efforts in promoting milk.  I wonder where these agencies are on the aspartame problem.  Let’s use some of our honest athletes in promoting more aggressively the value of milk and dairy products.  Instead of the crooked athletes that make big bucks that use steroids getting the attention, let’s point out the honest athletes as examples.

I was in Sheldon’s funeral parlor last night in Meshoppen, PA and Alfred Place, one of the members of the Meshoppen 1946 Championship baseball team thanked me for using their team as an example in my editorial.  That team was the champion of all of North Eastern Pennsylvania, and they were all farm boys, drinking pure wholesome milk.

There appears to be enough evidence that should convince the majority of consumers and dairy farmers to contact the FDA and urge them to deny the petition request of IDFA/NMPF to allow aspartame in chocolate milk and other dairy products. 

We have been passing out hundreds of flyers illustrating why aspartame should not be used in dairy products.

Hopefully the consumers will be contacting the FDA urging the petition to be denied.  I go even further and urge that aspartame be eliminated from all our food supply.

Here’s the FDA comment contact information that all consumers and dairy farmers may use before May 21, 2013: