A New Approach to Calf Milk Replacer Formulation
October 16, 2014 — Growing demand for whey protein drives both milk prices and the input costs of  calf milk replacer protein – an opportunity for dairy producers and a challenge  for the dairy industry. Dr. Tom Earleywine from Land O’ Lakes Animal Milk Products, tells us about a new approach to calf milk replacer formulation […]
PDPW Dairy Tours Head to Texas
October 15, 2014 — From canyons to cowboys, big spaces to big steaks, everything Texas is famous for is in the Texas Panhandle. This region, where the Southern Plains meets the desert, is the milk production capital of Texas. Between 2000 and 2012, the region saw a nearly tenfold increase in the number of dairy […]
What’s the Buzz on Feed?
October 15, 2014 — Feed prices have been very favorable for dairy producers as of late, and very welcome since feeding dairy cows is a major cost in any operation. But where are they heading? Stewart Peterson Inc.’s Mike Rusch tells us the latest buzz in this month’s installment of “At the Corner of Strategy and Discipline.” […]
The Importance of Using Antibiotics Judiciously
October 14, 2014 — The dairy industry is very committed to delivering a high quality product to market, and always has been. However, consumer demands are changing and they are becoming ever more interested in how food is produced. We had a chance to visit recently with Dr. Brian Miller, professional services veterinarian for Boehringer […]
Industry Commitment & Recognition
October 13, 2014 — Building on the legacy of dairy farm families and businesses, the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment continues to work to provide consumers with the nutritious, responsibly produced products they want while developing a more sustainable food system for he 21st century and beyond. California dairy producer and DMI board member Steve Maddox […]
Benefits of Shortening the Dry Period
October 13, 2104 — Joining us on DairyLine today is Ken Zanzalari, Ph.D., who serves as Animate Product Manager for Prince Agri Products, here to discuss a recent trend on dairy farms to have a shorter, single-group dry cow feeding program instead of the traditional two-group cow program.  Listen here: Here’s a transcript of today’s […]
The Importance of Feeding Fats & Oils
October 10, 2014 — Why would dairymen want to feed fats and oils to the dairy cow? We know that it’s the most concentrated source of energy, according to Mike Hutjens from the University of Illinois. He explains the strategies in this week’s Feed Facts segment, heard every Friday on DairyLine Radio.
Robotic Milking is “On the Move”
October 9, 2014 — Robotic milking is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. and worldwide. While attending World Dairy Expo last week in Wisconsin, Greg Larson with GEA Farm Technologies says he met with producers from New Zealand, Australia, South America, Vietnam, Germany, Great Britain and Canada. He tells us more in this month’s “Robotic […]
PDPF: Believing in the Future
October 8, 2014 –  The Professional Diary Producers Foundation continues to grow by sharing ideas, resources and experiences about important issues surrounding the dairy industry through educational opportunities for dairy producers and the public. PDPF’s leader Deb Reinhart joined us on today’s DairyLine to give us an update.  
Keeping Up With Technology
October 7, 2014 — If you attended World Dairy Expo last week you may have seen the onslaught of new technology. An example of that is the company Digi-Star, who presented their new Moisture Tracker product. The hand-held scanning device rapidly measures the dry matter and moisture content of animal feeds with instantaneous and accurate […]