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Family Farmers: "Attorneys Have An Agenda Against Dairy Farming"

Earlier this year a federal judge in Washington state handed down a ruling that will have ramifications for ag producers across the country. DairyLine's Lee Mielke spoke with Gerald Baron, executive director of Whatcom Family Farmers.

Global Market Faces Long, Slow Recovery

After showing some recovery this summer, the global dairy markets have fallen back again, and expect a long, slow recovery. Alan Levitt of the U.S. Dairy Export Council joined us on Monday's DairyLine to discuss.

Feed Facts with Dr. Mike Hutjens

Dr. Mike Hutjens looks at various oil seeds in this week's Feed Facts segment.

Protecting Calf Health With Immediate Immunity

Every newborn calf needs immediate immunity. Michaela Spring from Immucell joined us on today's DairyLine to discuss.

Calf Care: Touch All The Bases

What do baseball and calf nutrition have in common? Both include three sequential bases, followed by a score at home plate. Purina's Stu Rymph joined us on today's Dairyline to elaborate. 

Cheese Drops, Butter Remains Strong at CME

Dairy prices at the CME in Chicago are mixed, with cheese taking a nosedive while butter remains strong. FC Stone's Dave Kurzawski joined us on today's DairyLine to discuss.

Dairy Industry Unites Against "Gotcha" Videos

Many leaders in the dairy industry are meeting this week of how to deal with the appearance of undercover videos where their are allegations of animal abuse. National Milk's Chris Galen updated us on Thursday's DairyLine.

Management Practices to Prevent Stillborn

Dr. Robert Van Saun joins us again this week for part 2 of our interview on how to deal with difficult calvings.

Newborn's Need Immediate Immunity

Every newborn calf needs immediate immunity. Immucell's Michaela Spring joined us on today's DairyLine to discuss. 

Commercial Disappearance "Reasonably Good"

Dairy & Food Market Analyst Jerry Dryer joined us on Friday's DairyLine to analyze the latest dairy reports.

Levels of Nutrition

This week's Feed Facts segment, Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us about the different levels of nutrition.

Lawmakers Reject Two Issues Relating to Dairy Industry

WOTUS and trucking were two issues that were defeated by lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week. National Milk's Chris Galen explains.

MilkPEP Launches "My Morning Protein" Promotion

MilkPEP has focused on reinforcing milk as a protein powerhouse and recently announced plans to launch “My Morning Protein,” the industry-wide program prompts consumers to consider if they are getting the recommended 25-30 grams of protein at breakfast or in other snacks before noon.

Movember: All About Men's Health
MoDairy (http://monetwork.co/MovemberDairy) challenges men to grow and women to support the Mo to raise awareness and funds for men's health. Cheryl Mohn from Udder Tech joined us to d
Cutting Back on Nutrition Could Cost More in Long Run

Dairy producers are facing lower milk prices this year, but cutting back on nutrition could cost more in the long run. Phibro's Scott Bascom joined us on today's DairyLine to explain.

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