New Risk Management Tool Helps Protect Margins
September 1, 2014 — There’s a new tool to play with in your risk management toolbox. John Newton, assistant clinical professor at the University of Illinois,  helped create a new web based tool for dairy producers so they can get a better understanding of how the new Margin Protection Program works. He explains in part one […]
Hutjens Provides Feed Outlook
August 29, 2014 — It’s been a tough year for may hay farmers because of the cold winter conditions. Dr. Mike Hutjens, extension dairy specialist at the University of Illinois updates us on the latest outlook with hay, soybeans, corn and corn silage in this week’s Feed Facts DairyLine Radio segment:  
Silage Solutions: Effective Sealing
August 28, 2014 — An important decision in every silage program that involves bunkers and piles is effective sealing. Keith Bolsen, aka ‘The Silage Man’ tells us more in this month’s installment of Silage Solutions:  
Lameness Can Be Prevented
August 27, 2014 — Dr. Nigel Cook from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, begins a multi-part series regarding the best steps to prevent lameness in your dairy herd. The first step is proper bedding. He explains in this week’s “Your Bottom Line” segment brought to you by the PDPW:  
AGS Stands for Acute Goal Savings
August 26, 2014 — Strong milk prices this year have helped a lot of dairy farmers with their margins. John Ellsworth of Success Strategies joined us on today’s DairyLine to discuss a new concept - that he calls AGS - which stands for Acute Goal Savings. Listen to his explanation here:    
What’s Wrong With Labeling GMO’s?
August 25, 2014 — Labeling of genetically modified foods is an issue that many states are dealing with. Voters in some states will decide whether foods that contain GMO’s should have special labeling. Mischa Popoff, former USDA organic contract inspector tells us why mandated or voluntary GMO labeling is a bad idea:
Keeping Inoculants Top of Mind
August 22, 2014 — Silage inoculants optimize your fermentation profile. Dr. Mike Hutjens from the University of Illinois joins us this week to share more insight on the use of inoculants.  
3x Per Day Calf Feeding
August 21, 2014 — Feeding dairy calves more than twice a day makes a lot of sense, and is becoming more popular. Dr. Tom Earleywine of Land O’ Lakes Animal Milk Products, joins us for another installment of “We Care For Calves.” He says a great way to care for your calves is to feed […]
Pay Back Your Cow & Yourself
August 20, 2014 — We’ve seen some profitable margins for dairy producers lately. Gary Sipiorski from Vita Plus joined us on today’s PDPW “Your Bottom Line” segment to share some advice for those producers who may have a little extra cash in their pocket.    
Back to School – Back to Nutrition
August 19, 2014 — It’s back to school time and the School Nutrition Association has been working hard to make sure students across the country are getting the nutrition they need from school meals. Diane Pratt-Heavner with the School Nutrition Association joins us on today’s DairyLine to discuss: