September 2011


A periodic report for dairy media demonstrating how Dairy Management Inc.™ (DMI) and affiliated state and regional promotion organizations work to increase demand for and sales of dairy products and ingredients through the programs of the American Dairy Association®, National Dairy Council® and U.S. Dairy Export Council®. For more information about these and other dairy checkoff programs, please contact Jennifer Wing at (847) 627-3225 or

DMI Annual Report Available at Dairy Checkoff Website

The 2010 Dairy Management Inc.™ annual report – featuring highlights of how the dairy checkoff helped impact sales of more than 6 billion additional pounds of milk – can be viewed in the “about us” section at

The annual report – available in electronic storybook viewing – provides an update of various dairy checkoff programs, including strategic partnerships with globally recognized companies such as McDonald’s® and Domino’s® Pizza.

The report also includes examples of industry collaboration through the checkoff-led Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy™, which works to protect and grow sales by working through the industry.

Other sections in the report include:

·Fuel Up to Play 60 – an in-school program that aims to encourage healthy eating, including dairy, and physical activity for our nation’s children

·Export marketing – includes those programs led by the U.S. Dairy Export Council® that work to develop and grow export markets for U.S.-produced dairy products and ingredients

·Health and wellness communications – designed to inform health professionals and other thought leaders about dairy’s science-based nutritional benefits

·Dairy Research Institute – created to strengthen the industry’s access to and investment in the technical research needed to drive innovation and grow sales.

·Dairy image – programs that help maintain and build consumer confidence in the U.S. dairy industry.

“The dairy checkoff continues to show how it is leading change throughout the industry,” said Paul Rovey, Arizona dairy producer and chair of Dairy Management Inc.™, which manages the national dairy checkoff. “Thanks to the checkoff’s efforts, the dairy industry experienced unprecedented collaboration and innovation in 2010 that set the table for future success.”

Sustainability Awards to Highlight Excellence Across Dairy Supply Chain

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy®, in affiliation with the Dairy Research Institute™, has announced the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards, a new program that recognizes dairy farms, businesses and collaborative partnerships for efforts in delivering outstanding economic, environmental and/or social benefit, thus helping to advance sustainability of the dairy industry.

The awards are divided into three categories: dairy farm, dairy processing/manufacturing and energy conservation/generation. Nominations are being accepted at Dec. 1.

The winners will be announced in February and will share their stories and passion for sustainability on a national scale and will be featured on

The awards are part of the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment, an industry-wide effort to measure and improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the dairy industry. Launched in 2008 under the leadership of dairy producers, the Sustainability Commitment has the support and participation of hundreds of organizations across the industry and others from academic, government and nongovernmental organizations.

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Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy® is a forum for the dairy industry to work together pre-competitively to address barriers and opportunities to foster innovation and increase sales. The Innovation Center aligns the collective resources of the industry against common priorities to offer consumers nutritious dairy products and ingredients, and promote the health of people, communities, the planet and the industry. The Board of Directors for the Innovation Center includes dairy industry leaders representing key producer organizations, dairy cooperatives, processors, manufacturers and brands. The Innovation Center is staffed by Dairy Management Inc™. Visit for more information about the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy.

Dairy Research Institute™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy® and was created to strengthen the dairy industry’s access to and investment in the technical research required to drive innovation and demand for dairy products and ingredients, globally. The Institute works with and through industry, academic, government and commercial partners to drive pre-competitive research in nutrition, products and sustainability on behalf of the Innovation Center and the National Dairy Council®.