January 24, 2011
Pro-Ag endorses Darrel Aubertine for New York State Agriculture Commissioner.
The Progressive Agriculture Organization (Pro-Ag) announced today they were strongly endorsing former state senator Darrel Aubertine's appointment as the new Commissioner of Agriculture for the State of New York..
Arden Tewksbury, Manager of Pro-Ag said, "Governor Andrew Cuomo has made a wise decision in selecting Aubertine as a member of his cabinet."
Tewksbury continued by saying "Mr. Aubertine's vast knowledge of the sever complexity of the problems facing New York State farmers is well known throughout New York State."
Floyd Hall and Fred Matthews, Pro-Ag members from St. Lawrence County echoed Tewksbury's praise for Aubertine.  Both Hall and Matthews have worked with Aubertine for many years on various agriculture problems.
The Pro-Ag leaders are urging a quick confirmation of Aubertine's appointment.
Tewksbury said, " New York State dairy farmers along with the majority of dairy farmers across the United Stated have been suffering from low milk prices along with an accelerated cost of production."
Pro-Ag, along with the National Family Farm Coalition, have been supporting the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2009 (Specter-Casey Bill) as a workable solution to the problems facing New York State dairy farmers.  (as well as all dairy farmers).
Tewksbury concluded by saying "the appointment of Aubertine as the new commissioner of Agriculture in New York State clearly indicated that Governor Cuomo will be working with farmers and consumers in maintaining a fresh, wholesome supply of Agricultural products for all New York State residents."
Aubertine will be replacing Pat Hooker from Central New York State as the Commissioner of Agriculture.