Avoiding Drug Residues in Your Dairy Animals

Avoiding Drug Residues in Your Dairy Animals… What’s Your Plan?

               The U.S. Ag industry produces the safest food in the world.  However, drug residues in beef are drawing increased scrutiny from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  Unfortunately, dairy cows are 20 times more likely than beef cows and more than 400 times more likely than feedlot cattle to be flagged for carcass residue.  Contaminated meat or milk from a dairy operation can result in significant expense, unfavorable publicity and even loss of market access.

               Responsible therapeutic use of antibiotics is more important than ever if producers and their veterinarians are to assure a safe and pure food supply for consumers. 

               American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology (AFACT) have scheduled a series of free webinars for producers and veterinarians, designed to provide specific steps that can be taken on the farm to insure appropriate use of animal health products.  Presenting will be Dr Mike Lormore, Director of Dairy Veterinary Operations with Pfizer Animal Health and noted large-herd consultant. Producer Leaders of AFACT will join Dr. Lormore to facilitate the sessions.

                 “Join us for one of these practical, educational sessions,” urges Carrol Campbell, a Kansas dairy producer and AFACT co-chair.  “Let’s not let avoidable mistakes on our farms damage our reputations and threaten our livelihood.”

               Due to the limited number of seats in each session, these free webinars are being offered at different times of day on March 23 and 25, as well as April 5 and 6, 2011.

For more information and easy online registration click here , email information@itisafact.org, or call toll free 800.340.0737.


American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology (AFACT) is a team driven organization made up of farmer volunteers across the U.S.  AFACT is dedicated to conserving existing, safe management practices and supporting the advancement of new agricultural technologies.  AFACT strives to educate and empower all participants in the food chain to understand the benefits of technology.  AFACT encourages consumers to demand access to high quality, affordable food with a minimal impact on the environment.  For more information, visit AFACT on the web at www.itisAFACT.org, follow itisAFACT on Twitter or search Facebook for AFACT.