16 August 2011




Two classes added to All-American Contests
East Syracuse, NY –HolsteinWorld and AllBreed Access announces the addition of two classes to its well-known Junior All-American and Jersey All-American Contests. In the Junior division, a 125,000-lb. class will be added for this year’s competition, and in the Jersey division, a 100,000-lb. class will be added.

"Breeders and exhibitors in the contest have asked for production classes to be added to both contests, and we felt that in order to keep the All-American current with the show season, it was a necessary step," commented HolsteinWorld Publisher Karen Knutsen. "We all have a deep respect for those cows who not only produce large volumes of milk, but also can walk on the colored shavings and compete in local, state and national shows. Adding both classes is an acknowledgement of their tremendous accomplishments."

Entry forms for all three All-American Contests – the 87th Open Holstein Contest, the 61st Junior Holstein Contest, and the 6th AllBreed Access Jersey Contest, can be found in the September issue of HolsteinWorld and also online at www.holsteinworld.com.

The deadline to enter is November 1, 2011 for Holsteins and November 11, 2011 for Jerseys.

For more information, please contact Karen Knutsen at 800.334.1904, ext. 235 or email kknutsen@dairybusiness.com