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Lanco-Pennland holds annual meeting


Source: Cooperative press release


Lanco-Pennland Quality Milk Producers Cooperative, a farmer-owned cooperative marketing milk from over 700  family owned dairy farms in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia, held its annual meeting on July 19.


Kurt Williams, general manager and executive vice president of Lanco, gave a synopsis of the cooperative’s financial activities over the past fiscal year ending April 30, 2011. Lanco marketed over 787 million lbs of milk on behalf of its members, as well as other cooperatives.  Lanco returned a record 92% of all milk revenues to its farmers in pay price and equity. He also reported that Lanco’s growing customer base has reached 30 milk buyers in 10 states, with particular growth in fluid milk markets. 


Williams also highlighted challenges in the future of milk marketing, including increased fuel costs, transparency in milk pricing,  and fluctuation of the dollar on the world market that affects exports. 


Cooperative president, Joe Hess, Mt. Joy, Penn., applauded the efficiency of management in continuing to reach milestones in milk.  He also spoke to Lanco’s continued policy of openness, accessibility, and transparency in operations and financial management of the member’s investments in the cooperative. Hess encouraged producers to continue to ask questions, get involved in the cooperative and educate themselves as to how their milk is marketed. 


Board members Dan Z. Stoltzfus of Lancaster, Penn. and Rick Beatty of Newville, Penn. were unopposed and  each re-elected to a third year term. They join Hess, Don Stonerook, Ben King, John Kauffman, and Elvin Reiff as directors of the cooperative. 


A highlight of the yearly meeting was recognition of the outstanding efforts of Lanco’s producers in improving the quality of their milk.  Lanco maintains one of the most aggressive quality programs in the industry, and paid out a total bonus of over 84¢/cwt. in quality and other premiums to its members. The cooperative’s somatic cell average was 227,000 cells/ml for the year, and 73 farms were awarded for quality awards, having an annual somatic cell county of under 100,000 and under a 10,000 standard plate bacteria account.  The cooperative has set a goal to have an average somatic cell count of below 200,000 cells/ml for the upcoming year.


The following producers received recognition for milk quality:


Under 1 Million pounds annually

• Benjamin Glick – 2,000 SPC; 50,960 SCC

• Matthew and Lisa Vanhorn – 2,000 SPC; 62,140 SCC


1 Million to 3 Million pounds annually

• Melvin Glick – 3,000 SPC; 67,430 SCC

• Benuel and Katie King – 7,000 SPC; 79,290 SCC


Over 3 Million pounds annually

• Joe Hess, Jr. – 6,000 SPC; 98,670 SCC

• Troester Dairy – 5,000 SPC; 141,280 SCC


Special recognition was given to Bill Reisinger, who retired from Lanco-Pennland in April, 2011, as a fieldman.  He continues to operative a dairy farm with his wife in Perry County, Penn.  Udder Comfort participated in the quality awards and also provided samples.


Lanco-Pennland Quality Milk Producers Cooperative, founded in 1998 in Lancaster, Penn., has offices at 1258 Maryland Avenue, Hagerstown, Md.; phone 301-393-5554.