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Replacement, cull cow prices rise


For the first time in a couple of years, both replacement cow and cull cow prices headed in the same direction upward, based on USDA’s monthly Ag Prices report.

Replacement cow prices rebounded somewhat in April, hitting the highest national average since January 2009. U.S. prices averaged $1,420/head in April 2011, up $120/head from January 2011, and $110/head more than April 2010. 

Cow prices were stronger nationwide, with biggest quarterly gains in Idaho (+$250/head), and Kansas and Texas (+$200).

Highest quarterly averages were in Wisconsin ($1,560/head), Michigan ($1,550), Vermont ($1,500) and Ohio ($1,470). Lowest quarterly averages were in Missouri ($1,280) and California and Utah ($1,300).


Monthly cull cow (beef and dairy combined) prices continued to rise in April 2011, averaging $79.80/cwt., up from March 2011’s revised estimate of $75.20/cwt., and $22.30/cwt. more than April 2010. The April 2011 average puts the beef value of a 1,400-lb. cull cow at more than $1,110.