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By BlodgettCommunication.com Intern Siana Barrett

World Ag Expo is celebrating 50 years of being a market place and a celebration of all things agriculture. Where dealers, producers and sellers can converse, invent and innovate new ideas in agriculture.

The World Ag Expo began in 1968, and attracted 157 exhibitors and 28,000 visitors. By the second year, the show doubled in both visitors and exhibitors. Originally named “Tulare’s Field and Row Crop Equipment Show” its name was soon changed in 1969 to “California Farm Equipment Show”. In 1972, the very first foreign manufactures began displaying their products and lead to another…

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By BlodgettCommunication.com Intern Alec Schoof

National FFA Week will begin this Saturday, February 18 through Saturday, February 25. This year marks the 70th year since FFA week was established in 1947 and 69 years since the very first National FFA Week was held in 1948. Annually, the week long tradition encompasses George Washington’s birthday recognizing his legacy as an agriculturalist and a farmer. The FFA emblem displays the broad scope of FFA and agriculture as it consists of five symbols that represent the history, goals, and future of the organization. The five symbols which are the ear of corn, rising sun, plow, eagle,…

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DeLaval at World Ag Expo

            Milking equipment companies make a big investment in their displays at World Ag Expo with lots of space and high tech exhibits including equipment installations.  At DeLaval, Francisco Rodriguez, DVM, explained the wide range of robotic technologies

Photo Caption(A DeLaval VMS robotic unit mounted on a trailer used across the West for demonstrations and training.  A similar unit is used in the East.)

 offered to dairy producers large and small, ranging from the complete robotic milking set-ups to teat spray applicators for conventional rotaries, calf feeders and even body condition scoring.  As integrated robotics manager for North America, he noted that while today there are 40,000 robotic milking units of all brands on farms globally today, he predicts…

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