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Lee Mielke is a veteran dairy journalist and broadcaster, currently carried in a dozen Ag newspapers nationally. This column is prepared especially for the readers of DairyBusiness. Based in Lynden, Wash., he can be reached by email atlkmielke@juno.com or by phone 360.201.4033.

There's still plenty of dairy products on hand. The March Cold Storage report put the March 31 butter inventory at 272.5 million pounds, up 2.6 million pounds or 1 percent from February and 29.4 million or 12.1 percent above March 2016. A revision lowered the original February stocks total by 12.7 million pounds.

American type cheese amounted to 802.7 million pounds, up 29.9 million pounds or 3.9 percent from February and 76.9 million or 10.6 percent above a year ago. The total…

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One of two Red & White Features in the May HolsteinWorld Exclusive
By Cheri Oechsle
Although not rooted in generations of dairy farmers, the Holstein breeders at Pheasant Echo’s Farm do not lack any passion for their way of life and their cows. Officially established in 1991, on a rented farm in the gentle rolling hills of Maryland, Byron and Deborah Stambaugh began their journey into the registered Holstein business with 30 head purchased from Owen Martin of Hagerstown, Maryland and five children, Tanya, Crystal, Julie, Bud and Kenny. Now, 26 years later, the Pheasant Echo’s name is…
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One of two Red & White Features from the May HolsteinWorld Exclusive
By Cheri Oechsle

Developing the red bloodlines created diversity and “something different” for Ohio Holstein breeder Jason Miley and his family. Jason, along with his wife Amy, are the fourth generation of family at Miley Holsteins in West Salem, Ohio. “When we first started with the reds, we liked a few of the red bulls like Advent and wanted to try something a bit different. It was around the same time that the Ohio State Fair started to have a separate Red and White show and our Red and Whites did well for us. So they were something a bit different to breed,”…
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California State Holstein Show & Red & White Show

The weather was perfect, the cattle outstanding and California hospitality was rolled out during the 2017 California State Holstein Show, April 21, at the Tulare County Fairgrounds in Tulare, California. Judge Carl Phoenix of Sunderland, Ontario had his work cut out for him as he placed both the Red & Whites and Black & Whites in a high-quality and high-number show. Below are a few photos from the champions. More coverage will be included in the June issue of the HolsteinWorld Exclusive.

Junior Champion honors went to the Fall Calf in the Red & White show. Elaine Alvanche Holiday Red topped one of the largest classes in the Red & Whtie show of the day for JT Leonardo.…
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