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CENTER FOR DAIRY EXCELLENCE get more Feed efficiency. Rumen health. Milk. Components. Profits. To get more, call 800-888-5688 or visit W W W . D A I RY B U S I N E S S . C O M 24 April 2012 EASTERNDAIRYBUSINESS | DAIRY DECISIONS CONSULTANT’S SURGERY TIME DISCUSSION Dairy owners must continuously evaluate their business performance, identifying opportunities for improving future viability. Employee development and team structure are critical focus areas. By Dr. David Welch One recent Saturday I was working on a displaced abomasum surgery with Carol. She, her husband, and family are great to work with. Carol held the tail as I injected lidocane, numbing the surgical site. Almost immediately, Carol stated that they were having a diffi cult time fi nding help on the farm. She went into detail about how they had inter- viewed, hired and repeatedly lost employees. I asked Carol what all they wanted an employee to do. She gave me a laundry list of responsibilities, including milking (at times), feeding calves occasionally, helping with fi eld work, bedding cattle on a regular basis, and other assignments. WWW . HOLSTEINWORLD . COM | WWW . HOLSTEINWORLDPRODUCTIONS . COM