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Alltech Crop Science product granted U.S. patent

One of Alltech’s crop science products has successfully defended a patent in Europe for its ability to reduce the effects of abiotic stress in plants. The United States Patent and Trademark Office officially granted the patent for the technology found in Soil-Set®, a biodiscretionary technology that includes specific bacterial metabolites such as natural enzymatic compounds that aid in root development and improve growth by activating soil microflora.

Abiotic stress on a plant is caused from non-biological conditions, such as soil salinity resulting from mineral depletion and erosion, drought, floods, heating or early and late frost.

“This patent demonstrates Alltech’s continued commitment to the seed, feed and food industries,” said Robert Walker, global manager for Alltech Crop Science. “Successful agronomic practices start from the ground up. Not only does Soil-Set support root development and create a healthy soil agribiome, but it also helps to reduce the inevitable effects of environmental stress that allow for the plant to reach full genetic potential.”

Actively focusing on research and development, Alltech Crop Science provides natural-based products, technical information and unique solutions for agronomic and horticultural challenges facing producers worldwide. For more information about Alltech Crop Science products and Alltech’s commitment to natural solutions for crop production, visit alltechcropscience.com.