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Alltech launches Dairy Career Development Center

[DUNBOYNE, Ireland.] – Alltech founder and president Dr. Pearse Lyons today announced another exciting opportunity for the global animal nutrition and health company with the launch of The Alltech Dairy Career Development Program.  The program offers exciting opportunities for five high caliber university graduates, from anywhere in the world, who wish to specialize in the dairy industry.

 Alltech aims to develop potential future leaders in the dairy industry and values long-term talent development, with the Alltech Career Development Program running since early 2012. Alltech will invest $1 million in the program over the next year, with the objectives of providing innovative formats for new nutritional technologies for dairies, improving animal health and welfare, and increasing dairy farm profitability around the world.

 The program will be headed by Professor Maurice Boland, Alltech director of research and former director of the University College Dublin-Teagasc Partnership.

 “Graduates recruited today will make the strategic decisions of tomorrow,” Boland said. “The approach we will be taking is not just to instruct and share knowledge, but to show the graduates the route of experiential learning. The program allows graduates with a passion for dairy farming to develop solutions for emerging industry issues and make their stamp on this flourishing industry.”

 The program offers the best, brightest and most driven graduates the chance to learn, lead, innovate and flourish in the rapidly growing global dairy industry. Successful candidates will learn from innovative dairy production systems in the world, work on exciting nutritional dairy innovations and receive world class training in Alltech’s Dairy Nutrition System. Participants will be located on some of the most progressive dairies around the world to understand firsthand the operation of a dairy business and will implement nutritional technologies to demonstrate an improvement in animal health, performance and profitability.

 “Alltech is proud to offer innovative graduates the opportunity to further develop their talents and welcome applicants from all over the world,” Lyons said. “We aim to develop the next generation of dairy nutritionists ready to support the global expansion of milk production. Next year will bring huge changes to the European dairy industry with the removal of dairy quotas. We have never been as excited as we are today about the opportunities in this industry and we look forward to closely supporting it in the coming years with our talented team and innovative technologies.”

 Alltech will accept applications from recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in animal science, dairy science, dairy business or veterinary medicine from April 1 – 30. Successful applicants will commence in September 2014.

 Applicants are invited to apply today via:  www.alltech.com/dairygraduate