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CHS introduces starter fertilizers: XLR-rate™ and Aventine™ Complete

CHS Inc. (NASDAQ: CHSCP and CHSCO), the nation's leading farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods business, today announced it is introducing two new liquid starter fertilizers: CHS Aventine™ Complete, available through CHS Service Centers, and XLR-rate™, available nationwide through CHS cooperatives and crop input retailers.  

“XLR-rate liquid starter fertilizer is a high orthophosphate formulation that delivers early green-up in colder, wet soils; promotes root development for a better stand and strengthens the crop during pre-productive growth stages to overcome disease and adverse growing conditions,” said Michael Johnson, crop nutrients marketing director for CHS. 

Mark Biedenfeld, business development manager for CHS, said, “CHS Aventine Complete contains a broad range of nutrients and unique chelation technology that prevents micronutrients like iron, copper, zinc and manganese from binding in the soil, which improves seedling health for a good start that’s necessary for maximum yield.”

Both XLR-rate and CHS Aventine Complete can be used as a soil or foliar application. Their low-salt formulations make both products seed and plant safe, eliminating the risk of injury or yield loss. 

CHS Inc. (www.chsinc.com) is a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States.