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Dairy Leader Karen Koncar Retires

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 18, 2014 – Nationally celebrated Karen Koncar is retiring as CEO of the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada effective Feb. 28. Koncar started her work with the Dairy Council as a food service and health professional director in 1984.
“When I heard about the job opening at the Dairy Council of Utah, I immediately knew that job was for me,” said Karen Koncar. “During my career, I have been able to work with five dairy board chairmen and incredibly talented dairy leaders nationally to help represent the hard work and dedication of local dairy farmers.”
From 1988 to 1994, Koncar served as the nutrition standards chairperson of the Utah School Food Service Board, implementing programs to increase nutrition levels for school menus. In 1992, she was the vice chair of the Utah Nutrition Council, which provides nutritional information for communities to help citizens make healthier food choices.
“Karen has been a significant asset in the dairy industry for the past 30 years,” said Grant Kohler, Utah Dairy Commission Board chairman. “She will leave a legacy at the Utah Dairy Commission of growing the industry tremendously in Utah and across the country.”

Recognized for her leadership, Koncar was elected in the mid-1990s as the first woman in the country to serve as vice chair of the states and region managers’ organizations. In 2000, she was appointed as the Western Regional Facilitator for Dairy Management, Inc., to integrate dairy programs across the United States. Most recently, Koncar served on the executive committee for Dairy Management Inc., and facilitated new employee training for staff across the industry.
“Her national service at Dairy Management, Inc., has helped shape the dairy industry across the country and has been key in keeping dairy products in the spotlight,” said Kohler. “She has been a friend to dairy farming families and an effective leader in the dairy industry for three decades.”

Koncar plans to enjoy more time with friends and family.

About The Dairy Farmers of Utah
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